Look what I did...

Unbelievable that I pulled this off----with DH at work!!! Since posts without pics are no fun, I figured out how to post these, although I may never be able to do it again. Jake was always a clean boy. He loved to play outside, and got dirty when appropriate, but did not find dirt in every environment. Wes and Waid, however....... Seem to be dirt magnets, and smell like boys---Oh my----and we will soon have 3 boys in 1 room! SO- I have given in, and with the help of a hefty coupon, purchased a glade automatic air freshener for their room. It senses motion, and sprays, then waits for 20 minutes and repeats if there is more motion. Not crazy about the scent, the store did not have options, but when we refill, I can try another scent. It's working wonderfully! Exciting times at our house.
Tonight there was a storm, which forced us into the basement.

So, I know you are wondering what does adventure woman grab, when she gets a call from DH (at work) saying "get in the basement"???

*The kids of course.

*My purse--contains cell phone and credit card-- to run out and buy clean undies, should our house get blown away....gotta prioritize!

*The stack of papers to send to the IRS for our refund!!-- Oh, yes, I did.

So, worst case, I can buy clean underwear for my current kids, and have a tax refund to help insure the bringing home of my new kids. Don't ya love how my brain works....don't answer that.

The storm passed, and all is fine. I whizzed through our normal 1 hour bath/bed routine for 4 kids in 20 minutes!! Because, I love my kids, but when it is bedtime----IT IS BEDTIME!!


  1. Girl, you are right. About the bedtime thing.

    And I would have grabbed the tax stuff too. Good thinking!

  2. Got pretty interesting here last night, too!
    But nothing blew away...and we didn't have to go into our "tornado closet" under the stairs.
    (Thank heaven, cause I would have had to empty it first!)
    Just as an FYI, what did the IRS ask for exactly?