This week in bullets

We've had a busy week, in the yard mostly, trying to recover from the massive tree cutting.
Now, some formerly shady spots, are full sun, so I have moved over 10 bushes, and many wagon loads of daylillys and hostas. Today I tried to dig up this 1/2 dead azelea, and (sorry DH), I broke the shovel. There was a tree in this flower bed, so when the stump was ground, it made a complete mess. When I started digging out the old rock border, and flowers, I found a huge number of rocks underground, and decided to expand.
* We had a yard sale Friday, three families contributed items (thank you!). We raised $360 towards adoption expenses!!
*The I pad auction ended, DH has delivered it, and total funds raised from both events is $1100!!
(I think that is right--DH has been handling it)
*The boys got new sandals; 1/2 off PLUS a 15% coupon!!!--hey that's savings worth posting about in my book.
*Waid has used his cane on 2 errands, did very well, and did not impale anyone with it=).
*I can't wait to sit on the patio and smell these lilacs when they bloom----yeh, right--who has time to sit on the patio??

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  1. Looks like spring has definitely come to your neighborhood!