Misc bullets and pics

Thank you to all the Ipad participants, we made over $800 profit!!!!
Waid made this a couple of weeks ago, I could hardly believe it. He held each piece up to his eyes, examined it, and decided where it would go.

So proud.

These squares were what was left when I was punching out some cards--school stuff. Waid lined them all up and made up a game.
I am not sure I could line them up so well on the diagonal floor!

Waid got his glasses, unfortunately they are too small. Don't get me started on "why can't they get it right the 1st time", more are on order.
Kitchen is one Waid's new favorite things to play. He says "go play egg", because one day I asked him if he would cook me some eggs.

Sportin his lovely PJ's, vest, bed head, and crocs, Waid is seen here playing with another "new" favorite.
"play buggy moma"---he's soooo 3 (even though he is 5) and keeps cracking us up.
It's been a rough week, also the 20th anniversary of my mother's death, so I need some cracking up.

DH reads at bathtime, a big help to moma. Incidentally, both of these kids had "gotcha" days this past week. Emmi- 6 years ago, Wes- 1 year ago.

Sweet and beautiful!
The genetics tests came back for Avery, all is well, nothing extra and nothing missing, as far as chromosomes are concerned. They now want he to have psychoanalytical testing, no thanks, I've been with here 24/7 for 3.5 years (except 2 weeks to go get Waid), I know exactly what her strengths and weeknesses are. They also want her to have a renal scan and heart scan, Waid is supposed to get those also. I am going to ask my pediatrician about them 1st. We have no reason to believe there are any problems, so should we do it? Do any of you have experience with this? I mean, do we really need to inject my kids with radioactive material?
I'm all for getting the testing and help we need, but there comes a point, when I have to question is it really worth it? and does it matter anyway? If it is not something that needs medical attention, or nothing we can do about it anyway, then does it really matter?

And finally--does anyone have any suggestions for lowering the VOLUME setting of an ADHD kid--with out drugs?


  1. IMHO, psychoanalytical testing was a total waste of time and money. And we came out fine on a renal ultrasound and all the heart tests. SY had a LOUD murmur when we brought her home, but it was determined that it was from malnutrition/severe anemia for too much of her life. So no prob there either. She has normal hearing, normal everything (well, low normal on the IQ test, but it was a nonverbal one that does not have as much validity.) Don't know what to try next? Maybe spend some money on neurofeedback or maybe wait and have her tested for auditory processing issues? Who knows....?

  2. Hey Janet, I understand that "Standard Process" (supplements sold by chiropractors) have about 3 products geared toward ADHD. That may be something to check in to.

    Yours kids are growing so much! They are all so very precious! Waid's construction is amazing. I will keep you in my prayers! I know how it is to lose a parent at a young age. (((hugs)))

  3. Can't help you with the medical stuff but I see such an improvement in the Waid pictures. As far as VOLUME GOES, I don't think it's the ADHD. Our girls have one volume... LOUD! :)