Fun and not fun

Fun--These were taken last night. The little kids loved climbing all over Jake, Jake loved it too, and is sweet enough to admit it. Jake left this morning before the sun was up, and arrived back at school in time for late morning classes.
Not fun, was the rest of our day. It seems the IRS loves to torture us adoptive parents, and is requiring LOTS of paperwork and receipts this year, for the first time ever (or at least the past 7 years) to claim the adoption tax credit. Furthermore, they did not request this info with our original tax forms, we had to wait for our letter requesting said info, before we knew what to prepare and send to them. We filed our return on Feb. 14th, 6 weeks later we are scrambling for paperwork that could have been requested upfront. Of course everything they do makes perfect sense.
And the problem gets bigger as the IRS wants cancelled checks or credit card statements.....do you know of ANYONE who still receives cancelled checks from their bank???? we certainly do not. Many of our invoices show amount due, but we were never given anything with "paid" marked on it---hence the need for cancelled checks. One would think that since the adopted child is now ours, that the bills had been paid----you'd think-----but does the IRS think?

It would seem that anyone (or government entity) in their right mind, would know that if a child has a ss# and certificate of citizenship, that said child was adopted legally and through the proper chanels....and therefore, the expenses were waaaaaaay more than the tax credit anyway.

As you can imagine, thousands of adoptive parents are not happy, the Joint Council on Adoption is even getting involved, but apparently have not been able to change anything thus far.

Unfortunately, all of this proof-hunting will have to be carried over until businesses open on Monday. But I will go find some chocolate, and we will try to have a happy weekend, and hope you do too.


  1. Yes, we are dealing with the same insanity here in our home...
    Not so happy with IRS right now!!!

  2. Love the pictures. I always loved it when my big brother came to visit, too. Good luck with the paper trail-the bank will have copies on microfiche.


  3. oh no Janet! We just received a partial refund via direct deposit and so I looked up to see what was going on with our fed tax return. it noted on the website that they will be contacting us for more documentation...now after reading your post I have a better idea of what they are going to be asking us for. we haven't received an irs letter yet, but probably will this week or so....yuck!

  4. I haven't seen full length pictures of Jake in a while. Is he as tall as DH? Please send him our regards. What a handsome young man!