Finally, done!

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, and sooo very thankful to have this 12x18 room for school!  And we've used every inch of it.
This is Waid's desk (moved from upstairs- old big kid school room).  We are so thankful that we won an auction at DH's work, getting Waid and Jenna these huge computer monitors.  In the auction we also got a braille printer.  Thousands of dollars worth of equipment, we got for only a few hundred.
More cubicles- 4 total.  And my FAVORITE part, the 8 foot table!!  Everyone can pull up thier chair for group work, crafts or games.
There's Jenna's desk, and all my storage.
I had to take some time to revamp my system, adding more advanced activities.   I've shared about it before.  But basically, when I am working with 1 child, the others (that can) are given an assigned color/number activity to do.  A sticker is put on the chart upon completion, so that we do not repeat the same activity over and over.
Here are the orange and yellow activities, the blue and white were in the 1st picture.
They are all self explanatory things, puzzles, or games, etc. that we have done together, so that they know how to do them.  I get one-on-one time with a kid, and the others are doing some reinforcing, educational activity, instead of just playing.

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  1. Thank you for stepping by our blog! I love, love, love your school room! You have an amazing and gorgeous family. :o)