Works for Me Wednesday

I am so excited, no it doesn't take much.
I got these hand gel dispensers on ebay.
We had the hand gel in the pink "everything" bag, and each kid got a squirt as they got into the van, but it caused a traffic jam, as those who sat in the back had to come forward to get hand gel.
Now I have the handy dandy dispenser on the back of the front passengers seat--for those sitting in the front 2 seats, and 1 on the back side wall-next to where the door opens, for those sitting in the back seat.
It works out great, and no more traffic jams!!

Emmi caught being sweet.

Waid had his appointment Monday at the low vision center.  They were a wealth of information, and I was grateful!  BUT, we thought they were going to figure out a perscription for glasses.  They said another Dr. was supposed to do that one of the times that Waid was under anesthesia--great.  They did get us in with the doctor at 7:45 tomorrow morning, saying if anyone can determine a perscription, he can.  But I am aggravated that it was not done earlier, and we have wasted a few co-pays and trips to Birmingham because of this.
All of this rush because Waid was going to the blind school for evaluation on Monday--we've been waiting 3 months for this.  I sent in paperwork, AIDB has obtained records from the doctors, and even Monday's report was faxed to them "same day" to make sure AIDB had the report before our visit.
So, the AIDB person called me to go over things about the visit. 
 Turns out, they really cannot do anything that the doctors haven't already done (or will be doing tomorrow), but AIDB COULD have done it all for FREE!!!!  Of course we would do anything for his care that was needed, pay any price but it is frustrating that it could have been free.
We could not even figure out why the doctor referred us to AIDB in the 1st place, since UAB was doing so much testing.. 
AIDB CAN do an evaluation on Waid to determine his mental ability, and see if there are any delays, but we did not feel that he has the vocabulary and understanding of English to take the tests at this point, so maybe later.
So we will go in the morning to attempt to get glasses.
Avery has an 8am appointment with her cleft surgeon, so DH is taking her, and we will walk over to Children's when we are done.

 Here is my sweety helping mommy.  It was quite humorous, as he inspected each piece and announced "shirt, pants", although it was all undies and towels=).

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