We ARE still here

Just had a crazy busy week.  We woke up Thursday to this:
again!!  I cannot remember 3 snows in 1 year....ever.

While in a doctor's office, Emmi saw a cake like this in a magazine, and wanted to make it.

We wrote the big check out to USCIS this week.   Let me just mention that the fee is almost double what it was 6 years ago, AND the form has gone from 2 pages to 10!---ahhh, our tax dollars at work.
Speaking of taxes, we got ours done Saturday.  It took me longer to figure out how many trips we made to each doctor (for mileage), than it took the accountant to complete the return.
*note to self---keep better records.
We DID get to claim the medical deduction this year, a family milestone, in a twisted sort of way.
But, I learned you only get to deduct the amount OVER 7% of your income; not the whole 7%, so it was whopping $62....better than nothing.
We are happy to be getting a refund, but will still need to fundraise for Jenna and AJ's adoption expenses.

We had beautiful weekend weather, and got to play outside; FINALLY!!
We even have little pink faces from the sun.
I thought running and playing outside, such a rare winter treat, would make everyone happy.  It did while we were outside, but after going inside, the day went downhill.

Waid was brave!  He initiated the sliding all by himself, went up the ladder all by himself, and slid!!

Tomorrow Waid goes to the Low Vision Specialist to see if glasses would help him at all.
Next Monday, he goes to Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind for an assessment.
We are excited to finally get started on whatever special training he may need.


  1. You DID have nice weather! I love the cake-what a great job she did.


  2. Yeah for Waid!

    I am still collecting things for your yard sale. Its going slow, but its getting there.

  3. How were you able to file your taxes if the Adoption Tax Credit Refund form is not available yet? We soooo need to file but are having to wait for the form! UGH

  4. So happy for sunny days!! I hope they stay a while!!