Thankful Thursday--sort of

Of course I have so many things to be thankful for, but as I sit down to post, this:
has started outside, I can hear the sleet. David just got the call to bring a change of clothes to work..... NO, I do not want or need this right now=(.
I AM thankful about Waid's surgery yesterday. But 1st let me tell you what an adventure we had.
David had a death at work, and HAD to take nightshift this week. Waid had been scheduled for surgery, again, that was not supposed to happen for another month. His eye wasn't looking good, and the Dr. wanted to check things out, fearing the shunt was stopped up, and told me they would be prepared to do the dreaded laser surgery.
I called to let them know that I would have to bring all the kids with me, because of the situation at work, David could not be home with them. I asked them about putting us in a room somewhere, to keep from bothering the others in the waiting room, and I asked for the latest possible time, as I would be getting 4 sleepy heads up and ready.
We got no guarantees on the room, and prepared for the worst. Thankfully, they put us here:

We still had to get up really early, because the later time meant we would hit traffic, and the drive would take longer. I was shocked at the bottlenecks we encountered before 7am; again thankful, that I am blessed to be home with my kids and not in the ratrace and traffic everyday.
Surgery has been running about 2 hours after we arrive. Yesterday it was 3.5 hour...ugh.
Even with our private room, it was a challenge. The nurse was nice enough to come to us for temp, blood pressure check, etc., instead of us going to the different stations. Then we finally went back to the pre-op area, where we all crammed into a tiny fishbowl room for over 30 min. Waid did very well, and did not even need the happy juice (versed).
So Waid goes back to surgery, and we returned to our room, the kids inhaled bananas and fig newtons, as it was now after 11. Waid's been in surgery 2 hours the other times. After only 10 minutes, they called us back to recovery.....I was in shock, thinking that the eye was lost and that nothing could be done, why else would it only take 10 min??
The Dr. was happy to report that the shunt was working fine, we don't know why things did not look promising in the office last week, because it is all fine now....only God.
We are very thankful and we are hopefully through with glaucoma surgeries for a while.


  1. So blessed to hear how our God moved on your little ones behalf. Also, "you go mamma" for rolling with the punches at the hospital with your crew!

  2. I admire your strength. God bless you and David.