AJ's special needs

There are certain special needs that I never looked at, they scared me. When I saw any kind of heart defect, or hydrocephalus, I kept right on scrolling, and did not even slow down for a look.

AJ has/had BOTH!!
We did not even know what his special needs were, it did not matter. All we knew was this was Wes's friend, who was in the same foster home with him for 4 years. We met him, we played with him, he was real, not just a tiny referral picture.
We witnessed his sweet spirit in helping and playing with the younger kids.
We witnessed the very real sadness he displayed when we were there meeting Wes.

He has seen soooo many other kids get families over the years, but his needs are scary, so no one took a second look at him, just kept scrolling, like I had done so many times. And there are thousands more just like him. No one looked to see who he really is, a gift from God, regardless of his needs. We had to do something!

Now AJ's VSD has been repaired, and his hydrocephalus diagnosis has been changed to
"absence of corpus callosum". The major pathway in his brain is apparently missing.

Does that schoolwork look like part of his brain is missing?
Who knows what his actual diagnosis will be when he gets home, who cares.
We are adopting him because of WHO he is, not WHAT he is.
I am glad that Jesus chose me for WHO I am (His child) and not for WHAT I am (a sinner)!

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I'll talk about Jenna's special need tomorrow.


  1. It looks like he is doing just fine to me. And even if he wasn't, it would still be good. He's a cutie.

  2. What a good comparison to us being loved by God. Can't wait to meet him and Jenna both!

  3. I'm so happy for your family...and for AJ! I think it is amazing that he will already know someone in his new family...that will have to be helpful in his adjustment. You guys are in our prayers during this time of paperwork and fund raising


  4. You know, I was kind of taken back by your last post and realized I hadn't even asked or wondered what their special needs were. I think you get to a certain point when you do realize (the big picture) does it really matter? They are two beautiful children that are coming home to their family. But like you, those are two needs I have just scrolled past. I'm anxious for AJ to come home so that I can learn more about them! He's a doll!!

  5. His work looks great. Hope you all can keep up the chinese when he is home!!