Saturday school

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Our homestudy is almost finished!
Not really, just graphing our snack.

Avery is really good at this.

I thought Wes understood, I walked him through it.  But I went to unload the dishwasher, and turned around to see this:

Obviously clueless.  So we gathered some odds and ends, and tried again.
He finally got it!  I must admit, these "common sense" things that seem so simple to us....are very frustrating to me, when they don't "get it"......frustrating for them too.

It was a beautiful day, we have played in the driveway many times this winter, but not much in the yard.  Waid was doing fine for a while, then I turned around to find him doing this.  A small engine plane was in the sky....far away.  He can hear a leaf  blower from a mile away.....and freaks out.  I don't know if it scares him, or hurts his ears.

And finally, Wes lost a tooth last night (rather, moma yanked it out).


  1. Love looking at all the informative pictures. Thanks!