Misc and questions answered

Big boy is back at work as of 8am this morning.  He will work 40 hours a week for the next three weeks, then the other students come back, and classes begin.
Swallowing my pride by posting this pic.  I'm a little short for my weight, and my hair looks totally wierd with the camera angle.  But look how tall and cute Jake is!

Jake and Avery have a special bond.  He sat and colored with her the day before he left.  How sweet is that!  (Jake's on left)

Cari asked about my sticker.  There is a graphic design store/auto accessory shop near our house.  When I got the front windows on the van tinted there, I just happened to ask the graphics guy if he could make custom stickers.  He could have done much more, for much more $,I am sure, but I just wanted simple.  The guy made it in a matter of minutes, for $10.

Lisa wanted to know how I could get rid of dressers, seems her large family is always in need of dressers.  Here's my storage secret.  I got 3 of these Elfa storage drawer towers at an estate sale about 6 years ago.  I paid $10 each!  These would cost about $200 each today.  Probably one of my top ten best finds EVER!  They are super sturdy, from back in the day before you could buy closet maid stuff at the hardware store.

With the flu floating around, I was not able to accomplish everything I wanted to when Jake was home.  I did get him to bring all of these books up from the basement, to put on the shelves.  All of "Jake" that will remain in his room, is his bed, for when he is home, only 3 weeks per year.  His room will now be the reading room, among other things.
Lastly, I must confess, I had to forfeit my mother of the year award, on only the second day of the year.  Our sickness prevented us from getting groceries on Friday.  We braved the rain on Sat to go to Sam"s......they were closed.....I could not believe it!!  So, on Sunday, Jake asked what we were feeding the littles for lunch....I said "let them eat cake".  They had pound cake, and mandarin oranges for lunch.
Thankfully, Jake was able to go to Sam"s before he left, and I was able to get groceries today=)


  1. You always crack me up-I love the description of yourself as being a little short for your weight! He is very handsome, by the way.


  2. OK, that is funny b/c I am very currently having dresser issues in the girls' room. I need to investigate how I could implement this idea!

  3. I think any mom that lets the kids have cake s a meal WINS mother of the year (if the kids get a vote). Good job Mom!

    I also made the switch to the Elfa drawers a few years ago when we destroyed yet another dresser. But I still look for dressers and snatch them up when I see one at a yard sale. I like them for the rooms that are more open. They look better.

    You crack me up. Lisa~

  4. its been a while since I stopped by!!! I pray that you are all feeling better! Your too funny...mother of the year stuff! I think you do amazing at staying so organized and such with your crew!! Cant wait to continue to follow your journey!

  5. Oh you have made my day by the cake for lunch! :) I bet your kids LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are in a bedroom dilemma. Do you think we'll ever get some good weather again? And if we do, then do you think our schedules will ever work out that we could fellowship? 'Cause I'm thinkin' you are one momma I wanna hang out with! :)