Ice update

We're still here--and surprisingly--still have power (Monday morning).  But from what we can see out the windows, it's just a matter of time.
We slept in the basement last night, even though we still had power.  The thought of getting 4 kids up in the middle of the night, and down 2 flights of steps with a flashlight, then settled in to go back to sleep, did not appeal to me.

The snow/ice mix is at least 2 inches thick.
Where-o-where is our speech therapist?  I don't think she will make it out today.

Se the sheen on the fence--it has a vertical sheet of ice over it.

This is a dormer window on the front of the house--ice stuck to the glass and screen.
Looking out this window, I can see a thick sheet of ice over the road.

This is the roof to the screened porch.  The girl's window is just above it.  On the left you can see the gutter; which is packed slam full of ice.  The black line on the right is the ridge of the roof.
Since we are supposed to have precipitation all day, and the high is 34, I'm betting their will be power outages later today and tonight.
We're ready!


  1. Wow. I can't even imagine. We are facing a cold front here this week where the temperature will get down into the 50's. :)

    How do you even prepare for that? Do you know that we don't even own coats in our family? On the coldest of days (maybe 2 days a year) we just put on a couple of sweaters.

    I am amazed and have no idea how you deal with it. I assume you take the kids into the basement if the power goes out because it's warm down there? (we also don't have basements) Lisa~

  2. Lisa--we do not have coats either, most of the time. I just have a polar fleece jacket. The girls got coats last year b/c we were in Beijing in Feb., the boys were blessed with hand-me-down coats.
    THere's a gas heater in the basement.

  3. We have had only one storm in central New Hampshire this winter-on December 26. We may have another this week, but it also might miss us or only give us a little. Time will tell. Hope you were able to keep the power on.


  4. The kids must have loved sleeping together. No thanks to the snow and icy weather. Right now we are experiencing thunder and lighting and 70 degree weather.

  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Bet the kids loved sleeping together. I could not even imagine what I would do. Right now we are looking for flashlights because we have thunder showers, 70 degrees, and our lights are flickering. Angie