DH got "the call"

The call that says "come take care of business, and leave your family alone in a winter storm for days".
If you've watched the weather, you know---the south is about to be hit with a nasty ice storm.  The south is not used to this--so everything shuts down big time--including--most likely--the power.  The ice on the power lines weighs them down until they snap, plus trees are weighed down, branches break, taking power lines with them.  My DH is one of the guys that gets to deal with all of that.
So we have lots of candles ready in the basement, it will be very dark, as there are no windows.  We DO have a gas cooktop, which we got about 3 years ago.

The kids will pile up on this queen air mattress if the power goes out, because only the basement will be heated.  (I'll get the sofa).

Test 1-2.
DH is to report to XYZ hotel this afternoon, which is within walking distance of his work, he's packing for 4 days.  He could be gone even if things are fine in our town.
And just in case your curious, all AL Power plants and facilities are self-sufficient, with cots, showers, kitchens, washers and dryers and make their own power.  The guys who go in to work tonight, probably won't be allowed to leave for days, no matter what their weekly schedule was supposed to be. 
DH used to have to stay at plants, and sleep on cots, in a big room with a bunch of other snorimg men.
At least he's worked his way up to a hotel room now.

And just so you know, I am a "suitable" parent to be left alone for days with the kids.....see.....the FBI says so.....we got our clearance letters yesterday.  (one of the many requirements  for Jenna and AJ's adoption)


  1. So glad you are suitable! :)

    We have a gas heater also and Mark bought in his Coleman stove. We have tons of below-freezing sleeping bags and I have made up a some meals in advance. I guess we are as ready as we can be.

    Does sitting around and reading to the kids as we are all cuddled up around the heater count as school?

  2. Wow! I am so sorry your hubby has to leave! What a bummer! Glad you will have heat, though! Our secondary heat is on a much smaller scale. :0( But it is better than nothing! I guess I need to get out the candles, too. Right now one of my kids is making biscuits and chocolate gravy! Yum! I think I will cook some chilli and keep it in the crock pot all night!

  3. Thanks Rebekah--after 21 years with the power co., we're used to it=),and very grateful for a job he loves!

  4. Awesome!! One step closer!! I am very grateful for people like your husband who take care of us in "yucky" weather.

  5. Good grief...those of us from Florida are clueless! We have electric powered EVERYTHING. No back-ups on heat at all...we do have candles and blankets and greased-up sleds though (we FLEW down our driveway all morning :-). And the best thing of all - praying that the power would stay on :-)