Busy, busy, busy week

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Remember how we have been "home bound" for weeks???  We made up for it.
*Monday we had to get out TB test read, for our adoption physicals, Waid had a chiropractor appt, and we had speech therapy X 3.....all before lunch.
*Tuesday was Waid's 6 month post-placement visit, and Wes's 1 year post-placement visit.  I had a dentist appt, and had to run some errands.
*Wednesday we had a Birthday girl--shown here waking up.  But we also woke up to a extremely bad nosebleed on Waid.  Had to bathe him, clean up the mess, and be at OT.....this is the 1st time I've had to get the kids ready by myself in weeks, so everything that could go wrong, did.
We made it on time, then met DH for lunch--Emmi's choice--Chinese food.
Yes, that's a sippy cup with a 7 year old, I always take them when we're out--just makes life easier, and cheaper.

Avery is secretly from Russia, or something, shown here at the Chinese resturaunt, eating jello and apples--go figure!

We then had to drop off papers at our agency, and go to Targ^t, to pick out her present.  She has been asking for a sketch pad and colorful pencils (not colored pencils, but colorful ones mind you) for months, so I thought I  would let her pick out her own.  She thought that was great and got a coloring book too, and picked out her cake mix and ice cream as well.

 We had a bowl of apple jacks for supper--woo hoo, and made the cake.  By now it was after 6.
The boys were there all day too--just no pics.  Big sister also joined us for lunch.

*Thursday we had to be downtown--early--for Waid's follow up appt.  They were planning on checkin him under anesthesia, and doing possible revisions if needed, in 6 weeks, but changed it to week after next.
The Dr said that the eye did not look THAT bad, it's just that the 1st eye did so wonderfully well, that it made the 2nd eye look bad.  But, the Dr also mentioned that if the valve is stopped up, they will be prepared to do the laser surgery.
Then we went to S*m's for a few things.
*Friday, my friend Rebekah and 6 of her kids (2 waiting in Ch&na) came and spent the day with us.  My kids loved having them here, and Rebekah and I had fun as well, then DH got home about 10 minutes after they left--so that was my week.
Next week we hope our HS will be ready to go to immigration!!

(((Anonymous Pat, please give me a way to contact you))))


  1. I am very proud of you for being very organized.

    Happy Birthday Emmi :)

    Yup we might be going to China together!

  2. Your children are so adorable!

  3. you have been so busy girl!!