Day 7--can you believe it! I am a homebody, but this is rediculous.  I've only left the house 3x since the 22nd!  First the flu, then surgery for Waid, now iced in!
My neighbor and I have decided our houses are built on top of boulders, thus everyone in town has thawed out but us.  She was supposed to go to work on Thurs., stayed home, then tried about 10am on Friday, and had to call 911.  She was sliding off of her driveway and heading over our retaining wall!  The firemen put chains on the car, and finally got it out.  Then they used their hoses to blast away over 3"of solid ice from her driveway.
I'm very happy that our driveway is at least on the flat end of the house.
I got all these books sorted and shelved during the ice, we had a few productive days.

My heart smiled when I saw that Waid had made Elmo hold Ling's hand--how sweet.  He is finally catching on.  He has told me 5x this week that he loves me (unprompted), 3x were in Chinese....but I'll take it!

Waid has been my shadow for almost 6 months, but is finally wandering off by himself, and wanting to follow the other kids up/down stairs.  Today, I was cleaning upstairs, and he was playing very well in his room, at least everytime that I peeked in on him.  But he had also been in bathroom drawers, and put pony tail holders on his wrist.  He also either put something into the plug that set off the GFCI switch, or he mashed the "test" button.  I discovered this when I was trying to vacuum.  I guess that drawer full of plug covers will be put to use again.

And lastly, this is my poor neighbor's gazebo thingy.  That used-to-be-horizontal bar on the right is bent in half, and the cover was shredded by the ice.  They just got this last year, it's a shame they didn't think to take the cover off.


  1. Hopefully you'll be out and about soon.


  2. Wow! I cannot believe you still have that much ice and snow. Ours is all gone. That is amazing. It is supposed to warm up some this week so maybe that will help.