White Christmas

On the 25th, we got snow!  A white Christmas for the boy's first Christmas in the USA.

I do not think they were impressed, however, as they are both from the Beijing area, and are very accustomed to the snow.

The girls were thrilled though, and spent much time throughtout the day, just looking out the windows.

 As the 104 degree fevers ran through the house, followed by coughs, it was  good timing for mom, an excuse NOT to play in the snow.  It's beautiful, but I really don't like it.   I was in weather-heaven the 9 years we lived in Montgomery.....I think we had only about 2 light dustings the whole time.  I am a true southern girl, and would live even more southward if I could.

The snow continued off-and-on through Sunday.  The coughs and fevers also continued......we have 4 dr. appts. in a little while.

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  1. Love the pictures of the snow. Yes it looks beautiful but cold! Could possibly handle it for a week.