Mama being productive and sale

 While the kiddos were sickly and napping, planted in front of the TV with DH, etc., I got alot done!  I am not a scrooge, but I pack up the Christmas things the day after Christmas.  I have to, it's called allergies.  Have you ever really looked at the amount of dust on the ornaments and tree after they sit in your house for a month? 
Then my cleaning streak continued, and knowing we will have a fund-raising yard sale for Jenna and AJ's adoption, I was realy motivated.  All of that stuff on the kitchen table is going in the sale.

 And doesn't my kitchen look great now!  It's the 1st time I've seen this much countertop surface in a month!

 I am selling this antique dresser.  It is definately older than 1940, my grandparents set up housekeeping with it.  We refinished it in 1991.  Interested??

And this dresser--not an antique, must go too.  It is solid wood, no cheap stuff.  We got it at an unfinished furniture store, and have loved it.  The drawer glides have ball bearings-neat.   It was Jake's, and his room is becoming a library/guest room, since it has built-in bookshelves.  He moved a loveseat from the basement up there yesterday.  That will give us room in the basement to accomadate 2 more kids during school time.

 Lastly, we call this the buffet, not sure what it should really be called.  This piece was made on the farm.  The top drop-down door is where the doughboard went, back in the day when biscuits were made daily.

 The 2 side bins were used for flour, they tip out.  It's been in my family for around a hundred years, best I can figure.  It was re-finished in the 1980's. 
I had been debating on what to do with it, there is no other place in the house that I can put it.  With Jake home this week, and the extra chair at the table, it just confirmed to me that the piece had to go.  Wouldn't it look great in your home??

 Although I have loved having this piece, I must make room in the kitchen for 8+ people to eat daily.
Let me know if you are interested in one of these pieces!


  1. Janet-your kitchen looks great!

    When is the yard sale? I am actually going to be cleaning out the kids rooms and toybox this week (hopefully). Mark has the flu and I am praying the kids don't get it.

    I'll be glad to save the things to give to you for the sale.

  2. How can you get rid of dressers?! I am in constant need of dressers around here. I snatch them up whenever I see them. I wish I were closer....I'd grab that first one! :) Lisa~

  3. Lisa--I hit the jackpot a few years ago at an estate sale. I got elfa wire drawer units that were from a custom closet. They were a couple of hundred dollars a piece, I got them for $10 each!!!! Since then, most of our clothes go in those, inside the closets....I am blessed to have walk-in-closets in every room. So now the only dresser we have will be one that matches the girls furniture.
    Just had to brag on my find!

  4. Oh, I know how you must love that feeling of productivity; I sure do! We are beginning to see our counters again as we put away the Christmas stuff, and I didn't realize how much I had missed them! ;0)

    Hope you sale goes great! We are having a benefit dinner this month that I hope will help our efforts!

  5. I would absolutely love to have the dresser, it would be perfect for my bedroom, but unfortunately I don't have the money for it. I hope you are able to sell it to someone else for a good amount of money so you can fundraise enough money for the adoptions. Good luck on your yard sale!