Pure Sweetness

If you are a man who thinks boys should not have dolls---do not proceed any further.
The doll actually is not his.  Remember, even though Waid has just turned 5, he is more like a 3 year old.  Not that he has any mental delays, just lack of life experience.
"Hug, hug, hug"

He is telling me her leg is "hurt, hurt, hurt".

He is putting her to bed, all his idea.  She may have been injured as she was being tucked in.
Now loving on "hee hee hooo hooo", who was also put to bed...not so delicately.....but how great that he thought of it!  My heart melted to see Waid love on these dolls.  For him, who was abused, to know and understand love and know it is special.  What a gift from God!


  1. That is absolutely precious! And it so warms my heart. What a blessing to see how he is thriving!

  2. Janet, I think it is wonderful for him to play like that. Play is how children learn about life. James plays with Abbie's dolls a lot and takes care of them. We just smile and say, "You are going to be a great Daddy one day."

    Hope your family has a wonderful day today.

  3. My youngest brother had a kewpie doll that he carried everywhere with him. It was just adorable. He has grown up to be a wonderful, loving stepfather and someone who always makes sure that his family is taken care of. So your son is probably going to end up this way, too.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  4. makes my heart melt!!

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with boys liking and playing with dolls. I mean, we need to break through the sexist stereotypes (where people think dolls belong to little girls while Tonka trucks belong to little boys). I and my little sister both played with both girls' and boys' toys when we were little, and no one complained.

    I am glad he is having fun with the dolls and that he is loving them! The more he plays the more he'll catch up to his age developmentally. Children learn about life from toys like dolls and Tonka trucks and things like that. I am a big advocate of learning toys, especially.

    I hope y'all had a wonderful Turkey Day today! (or actually yesterday, it's after midnight now!)

  6. O.K., truly THAT IS PRECIOUS! What an adorable little boy!!!