NOOOOO TB and Birthday

After 2 weeks of waiting, we FINALLY got the results from Waid's quantiferon gold TB test.  This test is the best of the best, definate, for sure answer----and it was negative!
Had we not pushed for this, the health department would have already had Waid 2 months through a 9 month regimen of drugs---I don' t think so!  Now I have a leg to stand on, and they won't bother us.
Big girl turned 19, she was so kind to come eat a pork chop, cake and icecream with us.

Actually, her other plans fell through....nice to know we were next on her list.

Yes, I know that all my kids are beautiful, thank you very much=)

After a couple of hours, she'd all of the little people constant chatter that she could handle, and went back home. 



    Wow, she looks so grown up. My oldest daughter turns 19 in just 3 more weeks.

    Old age!


  2. Loved all your pictures this week!

  3. love all the posts! Congrats on spending time with your oldest daughter! The field trip looked fun. And super hooray for not TB!!

  4. I guess if you aren't used to the chatter it can be overwhelming :)

    Happy Birthday to your oldest and yeah for no TB. I know you were so relieved!

  5. Great news on Waid's TB results! I know the feeling because Kau`i was tested positive in China but negative here. Happy birthday Kristen :)