Livin on the edge- Saturday Steal- such excitement (not)

Since yesterday's hospital visit, and DH having to work some extra nights royally messed up my super new schedule, we had to --gasp--go out after dark!  This is such a rare thing for us.  I am not exactly a morning person, but I do like to get out in the mornings, and be back by lunch from most errands and appointments.  This way, lunch is eaten at home, then rest time....I like a schedule.  But since we did not make it to the grocery store yesterday, something had to be done.  We could not go this morning because we would make to much noise bringing in groceries, and wake DH up....you just don't do that to someone working nightshift!
I did not want to tackle the big groceries, but was up for a Sam's trip.
  I also realized with our colder weather, that we would need a baby gate.  I had just been shutting the boy's door at night, and leaving the door to their bathroom open.   Even though the kids are trained to stay in bed in the morning (except for bathroom trips), I do not yet fully trust Waid.  And since he is so wobbly on the stairs; just not going to take chances.
  Also, with the cold weather, I realized the kids needed house shoes, so we can keep the thermostat a little lower. 
First,  I had to get gas in the van, the light came on yesterday on the way home from the hospital, I noticed the price, but did not buy gas yesterday.  Well, I was robbed at the pump, it was 10 cents more than yesterday!  I cannot believe it's $2.67.  And am sad that will additional therapies, a tank only last me about 3 weeks now.  I used to have a contest with myself to make a tank last a month.
 Now for the steal-- I had a coupon for JCP, $10 off any purchase of $10 or more.  I love these coupons!! So, Wes got the great house shoes on the right, regularly priced at $26, marked 50% off, making them $12.99, minus the $10 coupon....great shoes for $2.99!!
We then ventured on to Target, and it was getting darker (we actually left before dark, at 4:30).  Emmi said "wow- it's dark outside like China"; I told you this was rare for us, she was referring to being out at night in China in Feb.---she probably has not been out after dark since.
Everyone else's houseshoes came from Target at about $7 a piece.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out  the good ol dependable wooden baby gate was only $10!
Another steal:  who would have thought they still had halloween candy?  And while we, in no way acknowledge halloween, I would be foolish not to take advantage of the after effects.
The M's= 18 mini packs for 67 cents!!!!!!
The big bag, with 3 bags inside, totalling 3 lbs=$1.47!!!
The 20 FULL sized candy bars=$2.49!!!
All because they have a bat or something on the package=)
So we have plenty of treats, and M's for math.
Don't worry, only the big people will eat the full sized bars---we can handle the sugar high.

We finally made it to Sam's, got the groceries, and a pizza to go.  Unloaded, ate, baths, actually making it to bed on time; because you know I could not have handled my schedule being out of whack for one second longer.
The kids were so excited about the house shoes.  When I took Waid's off at bedtime, without making a sound, a tear rolled down his cheek.  So, you bet, he's sleeping in his house shoes----with a gigantic grin on his face.


  1. ohhhhh.......love that you let himsleep in his slippers!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I remember those days when I had to haul all of the kids everywhere with me. It was a chore! I can't believe how much you got done. And I love that he slept in his house shoes....how sweet! Lisa~