Frugal Friday (free Friday) and a little more Waid

Ya know those FREE paint chips at L*we's and other stores?  I saw this on a blog last year (sorry, don't know where), and the idea actually  stayed in my brain until we needed it.

Most beginning phonics teacher books have these types of word lists.  The studenst slide the top card down, and it makes a different word in the same family.  I try to remain aware that not all of the kids learn the same way, so I am always looking for different approaches.  Emmi sounded these out with me, she can now practice with DH or even by herself.

We also used individual chips to write the color names on, and glued them onto card stock.  These will go over each kid's desk for easy reference as we learn how to spell them all.

Speaking of glueing.....these are not free, but if you have young kids, it is a great way to spend $3.
I fellow teacher introduced these to me about 100 years ago.  She loved them so, that she would purchase enough for her whole classroom.  If you have ever cleaned up spilled glue, or had kids that wanted to play in glue, you will love these.  I had my local teacher supply store order them, they had never seen them.
The kids simply "dot" their paper, and a controlled amount comes out.  The bottle, left laying on it's side, will not spill.  We do not use our glue daily, so we wipe the lids off with a baby wipe after using them.  They do clog with us periodically, but a quick soak in hot water, and they are as good as new.....and they will last years!

In other news:  Waid had an appt yesterday with a doctor who refers patients out to the proper therapies.  She basically figures out what they need, and points them in the right direction.  Normally, she would have perscribed Waid's glasses, but is waiting because it will change after his glaucoma surgery next month. 
We will have Waid assessed by the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB).  The will be able to loan us things to try with Waid, and see what works for him.  For example, adaptations for the computer, so it will talk to him, and show everything in giant print.
AIDB will decide if he needs an Orientation and Mobility teacher, to teach him how to use a cane.  He gets around fine at home, but the cane skills are best learned at a young age, to help him be an independant adult.  I expected that, but what I did not expect, was.....
Braille.  It had crossed my mind as a worse-case-scenario.  I have bookmarked some websites for braille libraries, and resources (like the machine that makes the cool tape pictured above, so you can translate things), but didn't think we'd need it.  Again, this skill is best learned when young, so AIDB will decide=== if Waid may need Braille in the future, it would be wise for him to learn it now, as well as reading print.


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with your paint chips. People can be so creative, can't they?

    I am praying for Waid. And for you and your hubby. I can imagine that all this info can be overwhelming.

  2. Amazing parents! Great ideas. Love you guys.

  3. I love the idea with the Paint Chips! I am home schooling for the first time this year and always on the look out for easy inexpensive learning tools. I have been a lurker on your blog since right after your return with Wes. I became an official follower today. I thank you for inviting Lifeline families to follow your adoption journeys. We will begin our second trip to China with Lifeline, Thanksgiving week. I would like to invite you to folow our blog if you have the time. www.homeofthehands.com I would appreciate it(if you have the time) if you would share some info about your stay at the Garden Hotel. We were at the White Swan last time, and I am not much of a traveler, so would like to know more about this new area of Guangzhou before we get there. I am also not an adventerous eater, so trusted, bland food, reccommendations would also be appreciated. Sorry for the long comment. Blessings to you!!
    Julie Hand in GA