Christmas Tradition Idea

Cute pic- just because.  I got these shirts in China for $3.

I read an article in  our local paper a few years ago about a lady who  had started her own bakery, and her biggest seller in Dec. was her Christmas cakes.  She put a card on each one telling what each layer represented.
The bottom layer is chocolate; to represent our sins.
The second layer is red (velvet) to represent Jesus shedding his blood for our sins.
The top layer is green (white cake with a few drops of green coloring)to represent our new life in Christ.
White icing represents our sins being washed away, so we are now white as snow.
I plan to make this and let the littles help.  And since it takes 3 different boxes of cake mix, (not about to let the littles make it from scratch), but you only need 1 layer of each, why not make 2 and give one away!!! 

I do not know how this cake originated, but I googled a few options and found it on
she has some really cute (and simple) craft ideas for Christians!
I'd love to hear YOUR traditions and other "hide them in your heart" ideas.


  1. We read our Advent book at night before bed during December. It is a special time and I hope to be able to give each of my children one when they start their own families.

  2. We purchase and wrap a couple of gifts. Everyone sits in a circle.

    My mom has written a "left right" version of the Christmas story. By this I mean the story would read something like this....An angel appeared "right" before Mary. Joseph and Mary "left" "right" away. You insert the words left and right however you can and as often as you can in the Christmas story.

    As the story is read the gift is passed from left to right as the left or right direction is called out during the story.

    If there are more than 4 players you will need to start with 2 or more gifts not just one. If there are 20 people you made need 5 gifts.

    When the story is finished...the person holding each gift gets to keep it.

    We love this game...and it incorporates the Christmas Story into the evening.