Thankful Thursday

During an inventory of the boy's closet, we found Wes's gotcha day clothes.  As
you can see, the longjohns are still on the large size,  and the fleece hoodie
is still very large.  He was also wearing a pair of girls jeans and a very
oversized coat.  We left both of those items in China for someone else to use. 
His shoes were several sizes too big, and the soles were worn through. He had
pure joy on his face when we bought him a new pair of shoes.
 As Wes is just
now getting enough vocabulary to really talk to us, he shared that the longjohns
were his friend's, not his.  I have to wonder if the home did not have
"presentable" longjohns for Wes, so they did some switching around--who knows. 
Regardless, it made me think......"He answereth and saith unto them, He that
hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let
him do likewise." Luke 3:11 
Oh, the things we take for granted!  We are so
rich, and so few realize it, and we certainly do not deserve our riches.
is an amazing thing to watch the transformation of an adopted child of any age,
but Wes is our oldest-at-adoption, he was 5 1/2.  He has shown us that we need
to be sincerely greatful for the many blessings we have. After our 1st meal
together in China, Wes scolded us for wasting food (per the translator); we had
left pizza crusts on the plate.
 Wes thanks me every time I put food before
him.....whether if is 1 cracker, or on entire meal.  He is TRULY thankful to
have food to eat, he KNOWs how it feels to be without.  I hope he never forgets,
and never lets us forget! 

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  1. Wes is so right! When I tell Kau`i to throw food away, she gives me that "look."

    BTW, please check my blog and help Xiang Xiang find a forever family.