Pretty Day Fun

Earlier this week we found this long lost ball in the bushes on the hill.  Waid LOVES it!  I love that I can lock the screened-in porch doors, and he can go play ball all by his self--or

with Emmi--who babies him like crazy!
Avery and Waid have not really played together at all until yesterday.  Wes was at his thyroid check appt with DH, and Emmi was in trouble.  Avery was precious being the helper instead of the helpee.

 She pushed and pulled Waid all over the place; a real workout for her....and he weighs 4 lbs more than her too.
 Precious to see her serve!!,  As God would have us all to do.
 Avery has always needed so much help with things, I had never seen this side of her, and of course there was never anyone around that was younger/smaller/needed her help, until now.  Below, she is taking a break and having some fun on her own.


  1. She must feel like the big girl now!

  2. awesome! so glad you got to experience this treasure from all perspectives!