If you give a mom a calendar.....

Then she makes a daily schedule, which means she has to make a chore chart, and means she has to make a menu, and so she has to make grocery lists............
I've been working on this for weeks.  Since we had 2 big kids leave this year, and added 2 little kids, we've just been flying by the seat of our pants as far as cleaning, cooking, groceries, etc.
I found that without the big kids, I absolutely could not clean the whole house in a day, so I have divided it up, cleaning the main level every week, the basement every other week, and the upstairs on opposite weeks....with a quick wipe up and swiffer of those areas on their off week.
I added in the laundry, ironing, extra days of vacuuming the main level, speech therapy, physical therapy, low vision therapy, Bible study, school, grocery days, and....whew!...it's all scheduled now.
I have, for the most part, done a monthly menu for about 10 years.  The menu repeats, and there is a gocery list for the 1st two weeks, and the 2nd two weeks, based upon paydays.
The reason I started it all those years ago is because I HATE the menu planning with a passion!!!!!!  And to do it weekly -or every 2 weeks--takes ALOT of time.  So I would change it up, add new recipes, ect. about every 6 months.  On grocery days, all I have to do is print the list, check of the things on hand, and get the coupons.
Anywho........The big kids leaving affected the menu too, and I don't mean just the portion sizes.  DH's shifts rotate.  And with no big kid here to help or watch the littles at dinner-prep time, my menu wasn't working.  For example if we have pork chops every Monday, one week DH might be home, so grilling and cooking the kitchen stuff was no problem.  The next Monday, he might be on nights, and I have to have his dinner ready for him to take by 3:30.  Which means I would have to grill, cook the inside food, wake him up, and the littles are just getting up from a nap......wasn't working!!!
SO......now my new schedule/menu/grocery list is based on DH's 6 week rotation at work.
We're having crock pot and easy stuff when he's on nights, more prep-time consuming meals when he is off, etc. 
I think this will work out great, and hope it lasts at least 9mo before I have to re-do it.

And if you're thinking I'm super organized, you're right.  I just have to be, it is the only way I can funtion.  I can not, for example, do school, when the house is a wreck.
Being organized is a blessing and a curse; It's one of those double edged sword things, but don't we all have traits that can be both good and bad?
And in case you're wondering, Umm, yes, the shirts in my closet are arranged according to color, and my spice rack is alphebetized---I just can't help it.

But I assure you I am not perfect.......how many of you noticed last week when I mispelled my own child's name?!?!?!=0


  1. SMART!!! I am still in the do the menu every 2 weeks mode, and you are right, it does make a person crazy! There was a time when I did it a month at a time, which was more helpful. But boy, how nice to have it so that you could feel good about rotating it!

  2. Will you come organize me? :)

  3. ok.. I think I need to hang out with you more and see if some of your organizing skills rub off on me. :-)

  4. that awesome that you are as organized as you are! I tend to fall right in the middle of things as far as organization goes. Great job on the monthly menu deal. We used to do once a month cooking but ended up switching back to the but what ever is on sale that our family will eat and cook from what I have on stock as it was cheaper for me that way. Love that you let your children paint. Painting can stress me out a bit so it only gets pulled out every few months. My little one is bigger now so its not as crazy anymore. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  5. Mercy me...Janet, if you saw my dining room table right now, you might stroke out. I like to call it organized chaos. :)
    I LOVE being around organized people, though! If you have a zoo day or park day scheduled on that big ol' calendar of yours, let me know and maybe we can meet up!

  6. I love it! We have a lot in common, the clothes lined up by color, the alphabetized spice rack, not liking the menu planning...I do all of that! I so despise menu planning that I fell in love with the book, "Saving Dinner". It plans dinners, gives you a grocery list and uses seasonal foods. There's always a crock pot meal, there's always a fish...I am not that adventurous. So it does it for me. Thanks for the advice. I love the idea of dividing the cleaning. I haven't tried that! Lisa~

  7. I am so not organized, but I get what you are saying....I'm in a neverending spiral of two steps backward, one step forward in my organizing efforts...and if you hate menu planning, I second "saving dinner". It has helped me so much in getting dinner on the table, and we get to try something new almost every day!