What's in there? Going carry-on-only

NO-  I do not check the bags!  Originally, it was because me and hubby are larger sized people, and if our luggage got lost, there would be NO way to get new clothes that fit in Ch*na.  But then, when we discovered how easy it was, why would we check bags?  So here I go, 4th time, carry-on-only.
In the backpack--what I must have on the plane (or cannot let out of my sight): meds, cough drops, toiletries, camera, computer, moist wipes, a few snacks, adoption papers, 1 change of clothes (in case they MAKE me check my bag- and it gets lost), 2nd pair of shoes (just because they fit in that space), smocking to do on the plane (hand-sewing for my daughter's dresses), and "Crazy Love" book my friend loaned me to read!

I don't put any meds, chapstick , or other things I need on the plane in the rolling bag.  The rolling bag may be several bins away from my seat.....especially if I board near the end of the group.
 For Waid: 4 outfits, 2pj's, 4 undies, sunglasses, stuffed toy, small truck, bib, sippy cup, crayons, balloons, lace-up cards, an empty backpack and also on his side is a blanket I am taking for a friend's baby who is at the same orphanage.
 My norm to take is 4 outfits: pack 3, wear 1.  I was planning on taking 8 shirts this time of year, because it is so hot and humid in south Ch*na, but was happy to actually get 5 outfits in, plus 4 extra shirts.  This is the most clothes I have ever taken!  And with the humidity--it means the laundry done in the sink takes longer to dry too, so Im glad to have the extra. I always pick my clothes so that any bottom will match any top, again, laundry dries slow, and a top may be dry, but not the matching bottom (we learned this the hard way on our 1st trip).   I also put an itenerary in every bag, just in case it gets lost...someone can track me down.
 My side also includes gifts to the officials, 2 nightshirts, undies, and tissue packets.  The mesh middle has "dry" medicines, baby wipes, my brand soap,  more tissue packets.  Stuck in various places, and in outside pockets, I have 10 packs of peanut butter crackers, 10 packets of oatmeal, and some granola bars.  This way I am good on food, even if I don't make it to a store for a few days.  There have been times when we were too tired to go find food at mealtime, and the oatmeal, etc., was a lifesaver.
Ready to go bright and early on Friday!


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    HI Janet and David, we will be praying for you all! Believing for a safe return without any complications on either end. Looking forward to meeting this little guy and Wes too.~Karen, Terry, Kaity & Sarah

  2. Have fun in China and I am sure you are looking forward to seeing Waid!

  3. I hope that you have a safe and fun trip getting Waid. I can't wait to hear of your journey there and back. We are praying for you and your family.

  4. Wow! I would have never thought you were going carry-on only! That makes me appreciate the favor even more! Thank you!

    Very efficient!

    Can't wait to hear how it goes! Praying! And praise the Lord for His provision!

  5. You are amazing! I think you've got this down to a science. I could learn a thing or two (or ten). :)

    Love it!

  6. You are amazing Janet!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blog or send me pics while you are there! We will be praying!!!