Our Little Helper

Emmi is finally getting old enough to be a great helper---where the "help" does not have to be re-done.

She volunteers to fold laundry!, and puts it away.

She is just learning to vacuum.  Suprisingly, being very careful not to bang into the furniture, I think she does a better job than the big kids did.  Her daddy will very much appreciate this while I am gone---he does not vacuum unless absolutely necessary.
I have had a virus since Friday =(, at least it was last Friday, instead of next Friday.  My Doc gave me a shot and antibiotics.
David has been on night shift, and not much has gotten done.  Emmi has been a big helper and has helped the "little kids" so much.  She thinks she is so much bigger than them, actually only 6 mo and 18mo.
After our 5 hour visit at cleft clinic last week, we discovered Avery's ear tubes are out again, so she gets a new set in the morning.  I think it is set #7, I've lost count.  Due to years of neglect, the tissue is too thin to hold the tubes in, but is improving.  The 1st set only lasted about 6 weeks, this last set lasted over 6 months, so there is improvement.  We already know this will be a part of life until she is 10-12 years old.
She will also be getting more extensive testing for her many delays in the fall.
Wes had his adoption post-placement visit from the social worker on Wed.  He is doing great.  We have learned that he has hypothyroidism.  But are told that it is no big deal.  He will take a magic pill the rest of his life, and have blood drawn every 6 months until he is grown, so the dosage can be regulated.
Tuesday I will begin laundry, cleaning, and packing. I made my clothes list a couple of months ago, so all I really have to do is gather the pieces and pack them, then check 400 times to make sure I have anything.  Really, it will be easy, compared to packing for everyone as usual.   DH is off work until the end of the month, I will have him here to run any errands this week, and buy groceries, then he will be on his own with three littles as of Friday morning.
We are within a few hundred dollars of total adoption funds needed.  Praise God!  Not exactly sure how close it will be, we will get one last update from Kingdom Kids tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in on us, and keeping us in your prayers.  Hopefully my next post will be more fun----I've just been lying on the couch for 2 days thinking of everything that needs doing.


  1. Thanks for the update. Keeping you and your family in our prayers.

  2. Funny summer time viruses!
    We have had several ourselves...very unusual.
    Hope you are feeling 100% in time for your trip!
    Hang in there!