Finally leaving the HOliday Inn Shifu--was ready to scream today!!--Just ready to leave.
While walking to get McD, a guy actually grabbed his friends to get his attention, and was pointing at us, just 2 feet away--I turned and pointed at him, and stood there til he walked away.  The people on the walking street are abloivious .  They need a giant sign that says "slower traffic keep right" and "try and stay in groups of people heading in the same direction as you are"  It's like running and obstacle course just to get to McD!  One guy was not looking where he was going, walked straight into us, looked down at Waid, then at me, just stood there and starred for a min.---I won the stare down.  I am sick of being the freak show.  DH is glad I am coming home before I make headlines.
When we got back from McD--our room key did not word--since regular check out time is 12.  You'd a thunk that when Mr Manager gave me that free 1/2 day stay til 6, he woulda put it in the computer......can't wait to see what happens when I check out. 
Pray that I get outa here without biting a Chinese head off.
BTW-- 3 other families and I discussed how  in the last 10 years, it seemed to us things had changed here.  Not the quality of service there used to be.  In US we've got generation X, etc., I guess here it's the 'little emporer' generation growing up, sad really, as the Chinese have always been known as such a proud people.  (Have they learned nothing by watching a vast number of spoiled, self-centered, entitled Americans??, I guess they just learned to copy it, and not the lessons from it).
Oh--and I saw a 8ish year old have an all out scream, kick, flail in the floor fit on the shopping st; because she didn't get what she wanted.
Also saw a cat fight among a group of 10-12yo girls, complete with karate chops and clawing.......what were they doing at the "mall" unattended anyway????
It's like childbirth--I'll forget all this craziness and come back;0


  1. Hope your check-out is smooth, though I doubt if it will be. Checking out of the White Swan was something of an exercise in temper control for me. Maybe it's something about Guangzhou and women traveling alone?

  2. Your trip has been very interesting to read about..glad you are coming home tomorrow. The hotel we stayed at when we got Jackson was not at all a child friendly place. Glad you made it out of that hotel. Safe travels.

  3. sorry your time has been rough at the Holiday Inn...I'm going alone as well and really appreciate the info. I want to stay on the Island again but we weill see what I can afford...God Bless you as you return home! Terry