China funny-ism and more

Am I possting too much?  Can you tell I am basically all alone (in a country of billions) and have one to talk to?  Susan and her girls went to Beijing yesterday morning, and will not get back until tonight, then they will be getting ready to leave in the morning.....so I am lonely when Waid is asleep. 
I splurged and got Zune on the computer just for the trip.  I have about 18 hours of Chr*stian music....the only thing that is keeping me sane.
It is easier in some ways, to travel alone.  Like laundry--I am done in 5 min, unlike washing for a family travelling with 6....doing laundry in the tub for what seems like hours.
Onto the funnies---The latest fashion, for women of all ages, is nylon hose, ankle high, worn with dresses, short, etc.....lovely.  Younger women, and girls apparently love any T shirt with  English words on them, unfortunately, the words or sayings never make sense.
Dark skin is not in, it is a sign of lower working class, also, they want to be light skinned like Americans.  Women can be seen riding bikes and scooters, in 90degree heat with full length ballroom dancing type gloves on. This will keep their arms from getting a tan as they ride.  Many wear shields on their face, attached to a visor, to keep the sun off the face while riding.....looks like what the dental hygeinist wears when cleaning yor teeth.
Chinese baby dolls cannot be found.  I have looked on every trip, even asked some of our more helpful guides about them.  Since the people here so want to be American, all the dolls are white, and Barbie is big.
I know my posts are boring -with no pictures--hopefully they will load in GZ, thanks for continuing to read=)


  1. Thanks for writing... Kind of a cute and interesting post. Keep it up Janet and enjoy your time precious time alone and with Waid.

  2. It's not boring at all!

  3. Have enjoyed reading your blog on your trip. Sounds like you are having a wonderful adventrue. Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. Are you kidding? I LOVE your posts Janet!

    Gloves while riding a bike? Wow...I need to look for that next time we go!

  5. Be encouraged as you face lonely times....may the Lord bring a new and fresh song to your heart. May you be able to laugh at all your adventures and have grace for the ones that arent so fun. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your journey.