Adventure woman and Waid did not mean to go window shopping

 We went to Pizza Hut for supper, it's a short walk.  Had yummy noodles with mushroom, spinach, chicken sauce.  Also ordered fried rice with bacon--ugh.  Waid liked it so I brought it back to the room for another day.  With the sketti, I cut some up on his plate, then got a spoonful ready and set it on his plate and showed it to him, he did the spoon himself!!!!  Then we repeated the process, me always putting the spoon down and making him do it.  Then on the fried rice, I (hand-over-hand) helped him to scoop up a bite on the spoon, about 6x, then he started doing it himself!!!!  He did turn the spoon upside down withh contents falling in lap, but did so much better than I would have thought.
During our meal, a thunderstorm came up.  Ugh--trapped in the "mall", we walke--like we needed more of that today--and window shopped.  I did get the boys a shirt each. I was not worried about it getting dark, as we were in a well populated , well lit shopiping area.
 Finally at 7:30 I decided we were leaving, even if we got soaked.  Most of the walk back was under a covered sidewalk. 
There's a 60% chance of rain for the rest of the week (again--thank the Lord for teva sandals),  maybe I'll have time to document the hotel and area for others.  I've always wanted to do that, but haven't with so many kids in tow.  This time, with just Waid, I will try to do it, even if no-one else (but Rebekah=)  ) uses it, I have it for future trips===yes---I actually said  "future trips"....Lord willing. 
I am==after all==Adventure Woman, and can get beck to any location that I have been before, but it is harder to try to tell others how to get somewhere, so I am trying to document better for those coming after me.  It is a strange place, parents are tired, people can't understand you,, and stare like crazy.....every bit of info a parent has makes it easier.
Today we get the TB test checked, do some paperwork at the Victory, then we will probably hang out on the island for a while.


  1. You really ARE Adventure Woman! Get yourself some fabric so you can make a cape! You DESERVE one! ;)
    I am SO proud of you, Janet. Seriously, I think I would be in a puddle with Waid, pitching a fit that I was doing "China" all by myself. You inspire me! Maybe next time I'll just go myself! :)

  2. Sounds busy! I know you are thrilled to see Waid making so much progress--what a blessing!

    Yes, I will be reading carefully any reviews! :0)