When God calls...

I get a daily devotional from Family Christian Bookstore, currently, they are taken from Boyd B*ily's "Infusion".  Several have touched me this week, so I wanted to share this one.  I have omitted some parts so it would not be too long.

"The Lord said to Abram, 'Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you'".  Gen. 12:1

Sometimes God asks you to take risk.  Sometimes His requests seem to carry tremendous risk.  If God is calling you to a new endeavor, then it is His responsibility to give you the wisdom and ability to carry out His adventurous assignment.  It is normal to be nervous.  It is normal to be apprehensive.  But, take comfort that God does not lead you to a place where He does not provide for you.  Of course His provision may appear to be different than it appeared in the past; nevertheless, He is faithful to those who are obedient to His call.  God's call cannot be ignored.  He is consistent and clear when He calls you to an opportunity filled with uncertainty.  Let faith be your guide.
Do not allow fear to cloud your convictions.  If He is asking you to get out of the boat, then He will provide an acrylic floor over the water.  Great faith accompanies bold obedience.  Faith has sustained you thus far, and faith will sustain you going forward.  Great results normally follow great risks.  However,  a Holy Spirit-led risk is really no risk at all.  God says it, that settles it.


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  2. Hey girl, Thank you for stopping by my blog! You guys have been BUSY this year...yay...God is sooo good!!! Praying all of your funds come in!! Have you applied at A Child Waits Foundation? Their hearts are to help families that are getting close to travel but don't have the funds needed to board the plane. We are hopeful that they will be able to help us. HUGS!

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