This was Waid in February.  
 If we do not get some help, this will be Waid in 10 years.
I did not find this picture on the internet.  We saw this man begging, when we were in China adopting Wes in Feb. 
I am not posting this picture to tug at your emotions, it is the ugly truth.  Waid's file was about to be returned, rendering him "unadoptable", when we stepped out on faith to adopt him. 
We have already paid over $14,000., and have only a few weeks to come up with another $14,000.  This is our 2nd adoption this year (for a total of about  $50,000)...on an income of $83,525. 
We have done all we can (fundraising, applying for grants, working overtime, even putting our house for sale), it is in God's hands, this is our final plee. 
 If not adopted, he will be kicked out onto the street at age 14.
 Waid is blind. 
He sees light, but we are not sure what else.  Here in the US there are surgeries that may restore some of his vision.  There is NO hope for that in Ch*na, he will only continue to loose what little vision he has.
We are asking for help from the body of Christ.   
If you are able to help financially, please go to the top right of the blog for a link to Kingdom Kids.  Your tax deductable donation will go through them, directly to our adoption agency.  You must put our name  (Hurley) on the donation form.


  1. Hi Janet

    Sorry you're having trouble getting in touch. Try adeyesalem@yahoo.com.

    Trusting with all my heart that your adoption comes together as only the Father can do it!


  2. we are praying for this miracle and will do what we can to help. don't give up...keep pressing on!