Homeschool workboxes-not

I've seen a lot about workboxes lately from homeschoolers.  They seem like a great system for some families.  I was looking for a new way to organize our system, and thought about the workboxes.  I decided it would not work for us, I do not have time to re-stock the boxes everyday, and then you still have to keep up with who has done what.

So I thought I would share what I came up with.  We do our Bible time together, some math with manipulatives, and various other things.  But I needed to organize what the kids were doing on their own, as I worked one-on-one with another kid.  I made theses charts--I used numbers up to twenty.  I did not want to go past 20, because Avery and Wes are not very good past 20, so I used the different colors.  I circle the number of the item I want that child to work with, they find it on the shelf.  We set the timer, and when time is up, I check their work and they get to put a sticker on the number, and clean up.  Before, I was letting them pick from the shelf, but they would pick the same things over and over.  This chart ensures that they do ALL the activities.

While 2 kids work independently, I work with someone on their specific lesson.  Our timer is for 20 minutes, it has proven to be a good amount of time for all the activities, and the one-on-one time.

Then I rotate to another child.  So each kid gets
2 activities per day, and time with me.  Sometimes we return to school room later in the day and have another session---since it's about 100 degrees outside.
I put several puzzles together in 2 gallon baggies, to be sure there was enough work to fill the time.
I also put 5-6 folder games in each magazine file shown above, again, to fill the whole 20 minutes.

This is working great for us so far.  I added several new things to the shelf, that the kids are excited about.
I also have about 5 telling time and 5 money activities to add as we get to those lessons.  I am always looking for new ideas like this, so I hope this helps someone=).


  1. What a great idea! I know what you mean about trying to manage so many different ones' times. I am glad you shared!

  2. I may need to come over and get some homeschool ideas from you. It looks like you are having a fun summer..

  3. I am with you...if something doesn't work for your family, don't use it. Your ideas are great. I love seeing your school space. Lisa~

  4. Wow! Wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing.