Jake's vacation

My big baby was home last week! And here is a funny pic of the very creative Emmi.
I love this boy!! At 16, he still gives (and wants) daily hugs. We're so proud he is on the Dean's list at college. Jake had a week vacation between spring semester and summer work program.
He will be working 40 hours a week at A*Beka books. He gets free room and board, and they pay him,which goes straight to next semester's tuition. This is a great program, along with part- time- work on campus, during the school year, it enables kids to get through college debt free.....after paying for the 1st semester.

This is Emmi's Leg* tribute to Jake, do you see the resemblance?
Jake loves the littles, and was a great help while he was home. He even babysat so we could go out to eat for our 22nd anniversary.
What a priveledge to watch Jake grow and mature in the Lord!!

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