We got home late on the 5th, Kristen and Jake came home on the 6th. I'm thrilled to have gotten a pic of all 5 kids, those opportunities will not happen often.
I know many of you think we fell off the face of the earth--but gravity is one of the few things that is the same in Ch*na, and we are still here. Internet connection in Beij*ng was $20 a day--no thanks. By the time we got to a hotel with free internet, we got Wes the same day, and had little time to be on the computer.
Our trip went relatively smoothly, I'll try to post more about that later.

We want to send out a huge thank you our friends Nikki and Tina who cooked dinner for us when we got home. They both know from experience what it is like to be have a new child, be jetlagged, and have no groceries in the house. Nikki cooked for us the first night we were home, and Tina on a day when we had doctor appointments all day. And thank you Angie for worrying about us all the way from Hawaii, and calling to check on us. We have had computer problems since we got home, part of the reason it took me so long to post.
I also had severe swelling of my legs on the flights. That was the first time that had ever happened to me (3rd trip to Ch*na). The swelling did not go away for several days. The crew on the long flight home was so concerned, that they moved a passenger to another seat, so I could keep my legs up. On Monday, I went to the doctor, and was sent to the hospitol for an ultrasound. Everything is fine, but I will definately be wearing compression hose next trip! Wes had several appointments this week also. He will be getting his new glasses tomorrow, and will need no further treatment for his extropia at this time. He hit it off with the pediatrician, and was happy until 4 vials of blood had to be drawn. Surgery will be scheduled soon to repair his hernia.

We had a few days of pretty weather last week, and played outside for hours! It is such a blessing to watch Wes be filled with joy over the little things, like his very own new box of crayons!
He has the bathtime routine down pat, and how he must be in his seat if he wants to eat. He can write his name, and numbers 1-5 in English. School will start for us on Tuesday, I think he will do great. Oh--Wes's 2 bottom front teeth are loose, and the new ones are already coming up behind them. Emmi's bottom front ones are beginning to loosen up too. Looks like they will be snaggle-toothed together.


  1. Thank for the update. What a beautiful shot of all your five kids. Thanks for posting and all the pictures. Wes looks very very happy. Clicking on the pictures and seeing their expressions were priceless. Love you guys!

  2. What an awesome picture of the five! I know it's difficult to find the time to post or email, but I was just dying for some pics! :)