Dossier "tutorial"

Friends who ask me about the adoption process, always hear talk of a dossier, and give me a "deer in the headlights" look. So--if you don't already know--and you care, read on.
The dossier consist of the following: 1-application letter, a letter to Ch*na explaining your motives for adopting, and a promise to never abandon the child.
2-Home study-- this is a report compiled by a licensed social worker, after they interview all family members, examine your home, run, state police checks, get reference letters, etc. $1500.
3-Birth certificates on both parents, must be over 30, but under 45 for healthy child, and under 55 for special needs. Copies cannot be over 6 months old. $70.
4-Marriage certificate-must be married at least 3 years $48.
5-Medical exams documented on both parents, complete with HIV tests, and a recommendation from the doctor as to whether you are healthy enough to parent a child. $40 for us--depends on insurance, up to $600 for some families.
6-Certificate of financial status-showing your assets, liabilities, life insurance, etc. Net worth must be $80,000 (I think), you must have $10,000 of income for each family member, including the child being adopted.
7-Local police clearance on both parents.
8-Employment verification letter, or statement of non-employment.
9-USCIS approval letter--immigration approval to bring a foreign child into the US, requires that the home study be complete, and that the FBI says you are not a threat to the national security (yes, they run a check). $830 and up, ours was $1130 because Kristen had to be fingerprinted and checked out, once she turned 18.
10-passport copies, for each parent. $150 if you do not already have passports.
11-6+ photos reflecting your family life.
12-post adoption agreement- certifying that you will allow and pay for ($250 each) 2-3 follow up visits by the social worker, who then files a report with Ch*na, and the state in some cases.

Each item has to be notarized, county certified $51, state certified $65, then authenticated by the Chines consulate $265. For a grand total of
$3309., and months of paperwork! AND, to get it processed by Ch*na, and pay our agency fees, we get to send a check along with the dossier for $6400.
Now, you have been very educated on what is involved in the 1st part of the process to adopt a child from Ch*na! Or either I've just bored you to death---but you are still reading=).
So at this point in the ball game, most families have invested about $10,ooo. After about 6 months, travel expenses hit, totalling anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 depending on the season of travel.

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  1. I just found your blog the other day and I am enjoying reading it. I can't wait to see Wes and Waid come home. I was not bored by the adoption info about all the paper work. I am 15 but I already plan to adopt when I grow up. :-)