For the most part. It's as done as it will get for a while. My wonderful, patient husband spent hours hanging the names. They look great, but were a pain to hang. Each hanging hole was a different location on each letter----maybe that is why they were on clearance.
Suzanne-- your curtains look marvelous--thanks!
Everything looks neat and clean for the pics, next week I'll start piling the stuff on the beds, getting organized to pack.
The boys are well on their way to building a nice wardrobe, thanks to their moms love of thrift stores and yard sales=).

They are going to have loads of fun with their new brothers.
(And in case you notice the different color of greenon the wall; this is a different room).


  1. I love it!

    Bet they will too...

    Can't wait to see pics of them there,

  2. Wow!! I am so impressed..their room is awesome!!!

  3. love the boys room...looks like a professional decorator was in charge! :)

    i bet your husband hung those letters without one complaint...hehe.