Bob Going to SC

Since Bob DID NOT have a good time going to Montgomery, we invited him along to take Kristen to college in SC. On the way he helped Jake work puzzles, and enjoyed PB&J sandwiches at the Georgia state line welcome center.

Watching movies is what Emmi does best on car trips.

Here is Bob enjoying the scenery.

Luckily, after lunch, Avery slept for several hours, so did her horsey.
And if you think Iam insane to document Bob's adventures (and ours) -----you try getting 2 kids ready to go to college, while putting a dossier together, getting visas for travel, and and being on edge about getting travel approval--all in one week---you'll be insane too!

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  1. So much fun reading this. I can just imagine Emmi doing the Happy Dance!