Sneak Peak

Hoping to have Wes and Waid's room done next week. Although I won't be able to totally put it all together until all of Kristen's stuff is out. The duvet covers and some pillows (shown) are made from green linen. I found a king duvet cover on clearance, and cut it up to make a duvet cover for each boy. A sweet friend at church gave me a HUGE bolt of black and white gingham fabric, that I used to make the dust ruffles, pillows, etc.
Thank you PA!!!!! I still have tons left, maybe we'll have to get more boys, so we can use it all.

Remember the not-so-good discovery of a very messed up wall, after we took the border down? Our solution turned out really well! Looks like really thick moulding. I LOVE the color; even if Jake says it's a sissy color.

We were told, by our agency, to submit the application for our travel visa's!! Hopefully we will know our travel dates in a few weeks! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Come on TA ...but when do kids go off to college? Are they there already?