Life Changes

We've gone gluten free. We spent the last 2 weeks emptying the pantry and freezer, so that we could re-fill them this week --gluten free.
Although not easily diagnosed, we believe Emmi has ADHD. After much research, we feel the best treatment is to go to a gluten free diet. Avery can also benefit from the gluten free diet, as she has many autistic tendancies.

As much as I was dreading it, now in my own way, I am getting excited about it. These food choices will certainly be better for all of us. I've made a 2 week menu for every meal, and really think things will be simpler in some ways. I have always done menus for dinner, but never for breakfast, and I only did lunch menus for a few years when I had kids in our home for home day care. For years we have just had leftovers, sandwiches, mac and cheese, etc. for lunch, whatever the mood was on any particular day. Bu it's not fun when you plan on having PB and J for lunch, and emerge from the school room, after 3 hours, only to discover that there is no bread in the pantry. Sooooo, the lunch menu solves that problem, same goes for breakfast. I have said that when Wes comes home, I wanted everybody eating the same thing for lunch and breakfast.....I'm tired of making different things for each, even if it is just cereal or a banana. So this change will also help with that and streamline our morning and lunch routine...and ya know I'm all about routine and schedules.
I thought we would be missing out on alot of favorites, but we will find new favorites; like the Toffee Crunch candy I made today.

Gluten free also means no dyes in HBA products. The littles will use special toothpaste and soap/shampoo. All of our clothes will be washed with dye free products.

We officially start 100% on Monday; I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Ya, I'd really like to know how it all goes. Good luck! BTW I love your new hairdo. All your children are beautiful.