Gluten Free Update

Here is the 1st loaf of bread (with yeast) that I have ever baked! It actually looks better than it tasted. If we want to eat sandwiches at all, I've got to figure out how to bake a better bread.

I see small changes in Emmi, nothing drastic yet.
Tuesday she had a wonderful day...but we've had colds, so no one has felt great.

The littles loved chicken noodle soup about once a week for lunch. The gluten free solution--two 5 pound chickens in the roaster, picked off the bone, making 6 quarts of chicken soup. My plan is to take this up into "1 meal" size containers and freeze it. I only had enough rice noodles for today, so I will have to cook the noodles each day we want soup, then add them into the soup from the freezer. I'm not sure if rice noodles freeze well, so this is a good way to start until I test them in the freezer.

After adding noodles.

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  1. You just made me real hungry... Sure looks good!