His Mercies are new every morning!

Great is thy faithfulness!! I originally took these pics for another post--the flowers were a sign for me about something else, but they are so fitting.
This new flower, on a bush where all the other blooms are dying and falling off--amazing. I'd never seen this happen before, and we've had hydrangeas at many of our houses.
We had a tough week last week, and were very discouraged about fundraising for Wes. Our sermon Sunday was about not getting discouraged, using II Kings 1:9-- and Nehemiah 6:3. Bro. D talked about not getting discouraged and letting the world pull us down off of the mountain, when we are doing God's work there.
And that (Romans 12:2) we cannot be conformed to this world, but must be transformed.
And back to the II Kings part--ya'll know Wes's middle name is Elijah--right?

So this morning I was doing some math, adding t-shirt sales to the bank balance, adding in that we sold part of the Disney dollars last week. Then I called Kingdom Kids to get our 1st report. They provide us with a list of names, so we can thank our friends/family, no individual amounts are given, only the total. I must admit I was a little discouraged when I saw the number of names--4. BUT -our amazing God- then I saw the total. With Kingdom Kids matching donations, and with only FOUR people giving, we have $1,845!!!!! I am blown away with God's provisions. If we do not get another dime through the Kingdom Kids program, I will still be blown away with this. Thank you Jesus! And Thank You to to those families who have sacrificed something for themselves, in order to help bring Wes home.

It gets better.
David calls and I was telling him about it, so we're doing some math on the phone. Instead of $$ amounts altogether, we usually talk in terms of what each amount will cover. Kind of like taking it in baby steps, it doesn't seem like such a mountain that way. Although very thankful, David stated that we did not even have enough for the orphange care fee, and we still have travel expenses to go. I told him that maybe the orphanage fee will be covered after the yard sale (the 12th).
When God shows up, He shows up BIG! Just minutes later I got a call from another adoptive family--they want our other Disney Dollars....guess how much that brings the bank account to now?!?! Exactly the amount of the orphanage donation!! Praise God! We were soooo discouraged last week, and now we have this fee covered!
We are praying for God's perfect timing so that our flights will be covered with our sky miles (that were donated by a friend of ours David works with). That leaves hotel, food, and in-country fees for Wes's paperwork.
Isn't it awesome to trust God, and watch what He does!!!!

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  1. Congratulations!!!
    So glad it is all coming together for you...