Before and After

When we moved to this house 3.5 years ago, the basement was wide-open space and garage. We built a basement "apartment" for guest, future grown kids, in case someone breaks their leg and can't go upstairs, etc. David did an amazing job! Part of this guest room was my sewing room--which I loved. The big kids hung out in the basement den a lot in the evenings watching tv, but it was only used a few times by guests.

The big kids are still using their school room, and even if they were not, it just would not work for the little ones. It is long and narrow and is a pass through to Jake's room....all of it was originally attic space. So, we decided to turn the guest room into the little kid school room. David got these amazing cubicles from his company's auction site. Eight desk sets for $50!!!!!!!!!(We have 4 left over to sell).
How wonderful that God meets our needs! I had looked at buying the plastic banquet tables at Sam's---UGH!, several hundred dollars! And as many of you know, it almost physically hurts to spend money when you are in the process of adopting. Gods timing was perfect in getting the cubicles. After much cleaning and scrubbing--we have an awesome school room. The panels absorb sound like you would not believe! and the overhead storage is wonderful.
We've used the room this week and it has worked out so well. The bathroom is right there, we can go to the den couch to read, and the little kitchen table if we want to play games or do work together.
My sewing space shrank considerably, but with more kids, there will be less time for sewing. Also, I smock at the kitchen table, and only construct the garments at the sewing table, so it won't be too bad.
Happy back to school everyone!
More school room pitures below.

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