Thankful Thursday

9 hours labor
10 pounds
23 inches long
16 years ago!
My 6'3" (still growing) baby got his driver's license today=)
I am so thankful for him, his generous spirit, his kindness, his character, he's a genius and cute too!
He bought a car a few months ago (thanks to a generous price from Mr.W), now he can finally drive it alone.

God always meets our needs, and sometimes even our wants.
We were blessed this week to get a playground/fort for the little kids for FREE! It will probably take us a while to get it way up the hill, and fully functional again, but that's ok. This will be great for building coordination and muscles for Avery--who is still behind in that area, as well as Wes. Thank you R.A., and thank you Dan, who loaned us the trailer.

Also today, I am thankful for people whom God puts in our paths, to encourage us and lift us up. Today I was standing outside the Glencoe DMV, waiting on Jake. A lady saw him going back into the building with the examiner, and asked if he passed. I walked a few steps closer to talk to her, and saw she was reading the Bible, while waiting on her granddaughter. I asked her what she was studying today. She said she always started with the 23rd Psalms, then talked a few minutes about some things she had gone through, then Jake came out. We were ready to go, and I gave her a card--I carry them around to give people who are interested in our adoption, they have the website address and other info on them. I asked her to pray for us. She said her spirit told her we would get the funds needed, and would go on to adopt another child after that. She had no idea that we are already praying about the next child God would have us adopt! What a confirmation from God! NO-not a coincidence!

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