Mid October


                                                             Ya'll, she's SEVENTEEN!!!!!!
                                            Unbelievable, she's been home 10 years in December.

She is 5'5", and the tallest female in the house. (Kristen is 5'8" though).  Jenna is tall and slender, always in a good mood, and a genius.  She is always willing to help, and treats us all with such kindness!

For her birthday, she got a raspberry pi zero, and 2 raspberry pi pico's.  She tells me they are used for micro-controllers, and all kinds of other geeky stuff that I don't have a clue about.
Jenna also got a birthday cake charm (on left) for her Pandora bracelet.
On Sunday,  the 10th, I got a sunburn, and swam in the pool; water temp was 76.  We may be able to swim  Thursday, but then  a cold front is coming, so that is probably the end of this swim season-which is a week or two shorter than last year.   
                         Although it's mid October, things are still blooming like crazy in my yard.
                                                             Here is just a sampling.

And this is at my exit ramp, I love that the wildflowers are not mowed down.
Emmi is creating new things every few days.
                                      The mummy goes with the Frankenstein shown in the last post.  

                                        This mermaid is so cute, those are flowers on her head.

What's going on around here---

Emmi, Avery, and Jenna all contributed to this custom order, the lady also bought a flag blanket.
                    Want a blanket like your favorite stuffed animal?  You name it, Emmi can do it. 

                                                     (It will be bigger when finished).

Ya'll--I ordered these chairs for the boys' rooms in February.   It was sooooo worth the wait.
                           The cream background is a heavy cotton crinkly something.  It's gorgeous.  

                                           I'm jealous that these are in the boy's rooms.

This one is blocking a small attic area, some rearranging is in order, but DH has other projects going on--including upgrading these boys to queen beds, that DH will build.
I'm also pretty excited about my new antelope rug.  I've been looking over 6 months for a wool animal print!  A new front door is on my wish list.  

Emmi has been busy crocheting.  Kristen  (our -gulp-almost 30 year old daughter) is going to have a booth at some sort of fall festival soon.  She told the girls they could send some things along to sell.

Jenna and Waid had appointments at Emory this month.  Everything is stable with their eyes.
Emmi is also our baker.  She is patiently teaching Waid (legally blind) how to make cupcakes.
Fall pillows and decor came out last week!  I love the cool crisp mornings, and still swimming in the pool in the afternoons.  Still waiting on my new sofa: ETA November.
Avery had an appointment at Children's B'ham with the cleft team.  She will be getting her last 2 wisdom teeth out.  Remember, she was supposed to get 4 removed last spring, but the doctor could only get 2.  At the same time, she will get ear tubes -again--lost count at 20 times.  And, the biggie, a nose revision.  She cannot breathe out of her nose, or blow it.  Hopefully this will be her last cleft related surgery.  We are waiting on insurance approval and a date right now.  
                                                More "babies" being made for the craft sale.
This month 3 kids got new retainers, yes, we live exciting lives.  And we got to see Jake's new house.
Jenna is doing lots of computer science, programming, and networking on line.  As a blind person, she uses Cisco Packet-Tracer to emulate and virtualize networks.  Yeah---it's all Greek to me.
                                                                Happy Fall Ya'll

July and August happenings

A few months ago I decided I would never use most of my fabric stash, and gave it to my neighbor who quilts.
She surprised us with 6 quilts for the kids, made from some of the fabric I had given her.  They are perfect for cuddling up during a movie or while reading!  We were touched by her thoughtfulness!

Emmi stays busy, always crocheting something.  She mad a penguin garland for Kristen.

Sorry for upside down pic--but as you can see, they are all different (and need the hot glue strings removed).

Avery made goldfish to attach to a string, for Kristen's cats, and the pot holders were made by all, given to neighbors.
Our friends from Cullman, AL (farm) drove the 3 hours to come spend the day with us.
                                       Emmi made this fisher man doll for her friend, just for fun.

She boxed it up like new, and put funny things on the box about the doll and it's personality.

                                                   We finished out summer birthdays with AJ. 

                                             A wallet to carry his official Georgia ID in was a hit.

He can be hard to shop for, but Jake always has great ideas.  AJ loves Scooby Doo.
Jake got him a case of Scooby snacks, a van with characters, and an insulated Scooby cup.
AJ had to wait on his cake and ice cream, as everyone except Jenna and Wes, had Covid.  Of course the parents had it the worst.  DH had to go the hospital for fluids; he had lost 25 lbs.  The virus also put him in AFib, so he had to go back to the hospital after recovering, for cardioversion.

Between the virus, Afib, and his normal off time, DH off for 8 weeks.  When he got to feeling half way normal, he made this coat hook/wallet and keys shelf for Jake, who bought his first house a few months ago.
Lastly, as promised, I'm showing you the "pillows of the month". They aren't red (I hate red), it's a salmon-hot pink color.  


Roof, Birthdays, and Blackberries

Our new roof was FINALLY installed.  Workers were here from 7am to 9pm for two days!!! (Yes, it's still daylight here at 9pm).
Two crews the first day, and one crew the second day.  It was a lot of roof.  And considering it cost more than all of the cars I've had in my life-up until the new car I got in November- I should have taken multiple pictures, suitable for framing.
But we basically had to stay inside the whole time.  We covered the pool the evening before, and uncovered it the day after the roofers were through.
                                 Wes got a model car for his birthday from Jake; not a real one.  DH says that Wes is doing very well as a permit driver.  I never ride with the kid drivers, in fact I have only ridden with Kristen  (29) or Jake(27) a few times.

                                                                   Wes got a phone!!!!!!  
                                           He is a super hard worker, and the best grass mower!

                                  He is my go-to guy for all things yard work and pool maintenance.

                       We have been enjoying our pool, even though it has been cooler than average so far.

                Doesn't the new roof on the pool house look great?!  We got 30 year shingles this time.

See the property beyond the pool, and to the right?  Our neighbor lets the kids pick blackberries there.

I was originally hoping for enough to make 2 cobblers, and have the neighbors over for cobbler and ice cream one night.    That was 2 gallons ago!

Avery had a birthday, the Hopalong Cassidy shirt and money are from Jake.
                            She got a Pandora bead, and will be going shopping tomorrow also.
She will get her driver's permit next week hopefully.  We are not sure if she can handle it with her autism, but we will see.  That means DH will be teaching 3 drivers at the same time.
Avery and I share a birthday.  I got some Pandora beads, and a phone-cup holder.  I also got a MacAir to replace my dying 2009 MacPro--so that was a need, but sort of birthday present too.

                                               Avery made me this ADORABLE Llama!!!!!!!!!
                                                          He is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!

                                                     I hope you are having a great summer!!!