Moving, moving, moving.....

The real movers come Monday for the heavy stuff.
Having two big SUV's, with both pulling trailers,
 makes this a lot easier than last time.

Last time we moved with the DH driving the van with a trailer, 
and me driving his mini-cooper with maybe 2 boxes in it=).
We moved all the outside things first,
 so I'm sure we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies pulling up.
I guess the previous owners ran out of room on their truck, and they were moving out of state; they left us a nice workbench and shelves in the garage.
On day one, I painted 2 coats on the BR ceiling, and the walls.
One of my pet peaves is that people paint rooms over and over, and never paint the ceilings.  See the difference where I trimmed in around the air vents.
We have 9' ceilings in this house, some rooms have tray ceilings, and some have vaulted areas.  I really like them, except climbing up and down the ladder more than usual because I'm short=).
Waid got the rest of his birthday present.  
A Super Giant Print Bible!!
He is able to read it without his CCTV.
There are only 24 lines per page, 
we're thankful to have found the company who prints these Bibles.

Our boring week

This week has gone by at a snail's pace.  Life seems a little boring without animals and farm chores.  We are, however, enjoying being a bit lazy this week, before the craziness of moving kicks in.
Our Llama got a hat, and Emmi made this lamb for a neighbor.
Waid had a birthday.

Waid asked Avery to make him a chicken for his birthday, 
and so she did.
Waid's vision is stable, and he can read most things by putting them right up to his face; when his CCTV is not available.

Happy Birthday Waid!
I had to get my ring sized again, the second time since April.  
It is now 1.75 sizes smaller than when I got it.  I wish my waistline was on the same track, it seems stuck!  Walking has been hard this last week.  After the same scenery for 9 months, I am excited to have new scenery soon, and the challenge of a few hills.

Told you our week was boring! =)

Misc and random stuff

In less than two weeks, we will be here:
It's on 2 acres, an "estate" lot in a  subdivision with pools, playgrounds, and lots of places for us to walk=).
We did not want a subdivision at first, but when you type "3 bathrooms" in a  housing search, the choices go way down. We also looked at a few under budget houses without pools, thinking we'd add one.  But in the area, most pool installations require blasting, and therefore, usually go way over budget.  SO, ya know, you weigh the pros and cons and the wish list, and hope for the best.  Since there are woods on two sides, that can never be built on, I think we can deal with it being in a subdivision. 
We actually had a contract on a great non-subdivision house, it seemed perfect, had everything on our wish list.....and a week into it, we found out it was in a flood plain.
Which means we would be required to get $$$$$ flood insurance through FEMA, $$$$ --a friend's went from $1k to $4k in just a year.  No thank you.
On top of that, the owner's realtor CHANGED the contract after we signed it 
( we had an original copy), because she was trying to keep the flood plain info from us.  Needless to say, we got our earnest money back and moved on.

Liquid gold, oh how I've missed you!!!
Our former cows, Flossie and Josie, were purchased by a previous milk customer.  The cows calved, and now we get milk, at least until we move.

Packing is underway.  Boys summer clothes were on a closet shelf, and had to be packed, so they were the perfect thing to pack pictures in.  

My knit-crazy girls are in high gear.

This horse is for Kristen.

Someone asked me what I would miss about this house.....
Lots of things, but I learned a few tricks that I'll use in the next house.
1)  Satin paint on the ceiling, instead of flat, reflects so much more light!
2)  I love lever style doorknobs.  Not that I can go through a house and replace them all, but I never realized how much of a difference they can make when you have your hands full.  If given the opportunity, they are the way to go.
3)  I will also miss my 5 crystal chandeliers, but I will buy more=).

Kids bed frames are dismantled, 

and stacked in the den.  The mudroom looks like a
hallway of boxes.  

And though our farm days are over, we finally have a Llama=).


We've lived near Huntsville for 3 years, and have only been there once--to the space center.  SO in the past 3 days, we've gone to Huntsville twice.
DH planned a date for us, at a fancy (reservations needed) restaurant.

It was wonderful, and as you can see, the servings were large.
Then we went to a movie.....we have not been to a movie in an actual theater, without children.....since BEFORE we had children!!!

Our wonderful babysitter, Kristen, painted with the kids, and they ate lasagna and brownies.
They also got to stay up late, because a certain mom was confused, and thought the time changed on Sat. night.  This mom was off by a week.

Monday we went back to the space center.
Jenna felt sick, and DH took her to the car where they sipped sprite and napped.
We haven't had a sick child in over 4 years---we both looked at each other like "what do we do?".
Being a homeschool mom, I made the kids read many of the displays, if not made to, they would just flit from one thing to another.
We ate at Red Robin, and then, just for fun, went here......
You get 50 points if you guess where it was before you see the last picture.
I think this place was more interesting than the space center.
We also made a few purchases in the "clearance cave".
I got a new GTM purse, expensive, but worth it. 
 I used my last one for 5 years!

Did you guess? It's the only one in Alabama, 
and there are only a few others in the south.

Monday the kids shelled the dried black eyed peas, and sorted out the good from the bad ones.  The peas had been sitting on the porch in paper bags for over a month....see, I do not have it all together, as some people think. 
Tuesday we went to Bham and hit several fabric stores----the kids were good, and endured it well.  After a depressing start at King Cotton (where I have bought fabric for at least 5 houses), I moved on to Calico, and JoAnn.  I found the linen embroidered fabric below, for DR curtians, special order at JoAnn--for $60 a yard.   OUCH!  
BUT they do have 50% sales, so I figured I could watch for the next sale.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby, my local store did not have this fabric as of last week, but it was in stock at the Bham store, for $25 a yard!!  I think this will be the most expensive fabric I've ever purchased, aside from silk, but I love it!

I took a picture of me walking on Monday, just to comment on the weather finally turning cold.  It was 44 degrees, and I was in leggings, layers, and had the headband to keep the strong winds off of my ears.

A few days later.....shorts and a tank top, 70 degrees, same time of day.  The weather channel app on my phone is my friend, here in AL, it gets checked multiple times a day.

Jenna is knitting a scarf for one of our friends, Avery is crocheting a pig for our neighbor's baby.
These girls have found their craft calling.
  I want them to make afghans eventually to take to nursing homes.

Avery figured out how to make the eyes, since she did not want button eyes on it (choking hazard for baby).
She turned out so cute!!  Complete with curly tail.
Jake was home a few days to get his license changed over, then 
he got his very own truck (it actually belongs to Prime).  A 2016 International ProStar.
 Red is his favorite color, he was so relieved that he was able to choose, and didn't get stuck with the blue one.....he does not like blue.
 Here's the bed.  One of the kids gave him "Gary the Goldfish", so they are thrilled when they get a picture from Jake, showing what Gary is doing.
He's up in the Maine area, and we won't see him again until Janurary=(.