Guntersville, AL--Art on the Lake

On my off day, I went to this art show;
                                       all this and two gyms full.
                     I will have to go back and check out all the neat shops
                                       and antique places in Guntersville.
                                           I ate at the Rock House Eatery.
 When I'm by myself, I usually get a salad, then splurge on desert.
This was the Spring salad with grilled chicken and dijon vinaigrette.

                                            And Pina Colada Cake.
 I checked out a museum in an old armory building.  It was not "field trip" worthy to me, but good for adults with a little free time.  It had pictures of when Lake Guntersville was created by TVA.  Also, there were pictures of when the dam was built. Interesting to me, since I have been in power houses and seen the huge turbines up close and personal.
 Here are my art show finds: church painted on antique window.
 The price was right on this tin can windmill, built by a sweet older man.
                           And every woman needs earrings made from 9mm
                                       bullet casings; don't you think?!

 I got yummy smelling candles, one for me, and one for a friend.
I added comments to the "guess where I am today" post below.
I hope your Saturday was as wonderful as mine!  =)

Guess where I am today

When I was a kid, we often brought the boat to Guntersville to ski.
Once we went all the way to Chattanooga in the boat, ate at the Choo Choo, and came back home.
I always knew when I saw this sign, coming off the mountain, that we were almost to the Lake.  I've never seen another runaway truck ramp.
I took this picture thinking someone might recognize the Cargill plant shown in the back if they looked carefully.  I always hated skiing past it--it was scary.  I actually never liked skiing at Guntersville, it's too big, and always had a lot of wake from the wind.  I preferred the Coosa River in Gadsden.
Yes, we were in Gadsden---who was it that got it right?
I edited the post below if you are interested in the details of those photos.
 If you're in Gadsden, you MUST eat at The Choice, on Broad St.

We ate an early lunch and then went to Noccalula Falls.
This is Noccalula, she was an Indian princess.

 Her father promised her hand in marriage to a man she did not love, so on her wedding day, she jumped 90 feet, into the falls below.
 Sad story, but Noccalula Falls is now a beautiful 250 acre park.
 Here are the falls from the campground side of the park.
I've been under the falls, when I was much younger, and didn't mind getting wet and muddy.  I lived in Gadsden from 1981 to 1985, and the summer after my freshman year in college; then my parents moved away.
 There is a very nice petting zoo, and inside the barn there are more native animals; a raccoon, small alligator, snakes, birds, and more.
                                 This Llama posed for me, and even smiled.

                               One of Moe's relatives, but this guy has real wool.
                                   The Emu wanted his picture taken very badly.......I actually had to back away.....maybe he wanted to eat my phone.
Random side note: When we lived in Tallassee, there was an emu who ran loose in the area, a few times a year,we'd see him strolling through the yard.
                                          Some VERY well fed goats.
                                             A 450 lb. lion.
                                        We all made it through Fat Man's Squeeze.
There are many miles of walking/biking trails, but we stuck to the main park paths.  Jenna doesn't do so well hiking.
 Next door to Noccalula Falls is the Ola Lee Mize Patriots Park.
 We walked over and read the memorials; there is a tank, and some cannons.
 At the dome building I found the name of J. McNabb, who never returned from Vietnam.  We went to church with his widow.  I remember her story of when two officers came to tell her that her husband was dead.  Very humbling.
Today I am thankful for the freedoms God has given us in the U.S., the soldiers who gave their lives for that freedom, and their families who give up "normal" lives to ensure our freedoms.

Guess where we are today?!

Emma Sansom statue.  At 16, she aided confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest and his men, to cross the river.  Union Col. Streight had passed through the area earlier and destroyed the only bridge.  The confederate soldiers were then able to catch up to Streight, and capture him and his men the next day.
This mural is in the parking lot behind The Choice restaurant on Broad St.

McWane Science Center in Birmingham

Jake was home, for a day.  We went to McWane and watched the IMAX Panda movie.
 Jenna spent about 30 minutes building carbon atoms (?).

 We discovered that DH was the best bubble blower.
 Jenna made a few, and Avery did too.

 Wes made a face print in this thing--
-let's not think about the germs he encountered.
 Waid and Wes tried to light up all the lights with their bicycle power.
 Making clouds.

 Avery using some muscle.

 Wes on the bed of nails.
 Blurry proof that I was there.
Happy Weekend!!!
P.S. The mural is on 3rd Ave N and 19th St, to the right of the front of the McWane building.

No prizes for today; but can you guess where we are?

YAAAAAYYYY!! Finally!!!!

Seventeen days without a dishwasher!!! (but we were gone 3 days)
And no, we did not use any paper products because I hate them.
 I am thrilled that the new one was installed today.
Random note of the week; I made spinach-feta-salmon burgers----yum.
 Our new den furniture came on Saturday.  It only took 4 weeks, instead of 6-8.
 I was worried about the size, but the room actually feels bigger.
 We've never had a sectional, but like it so far.  I was going to get the size smaller ottoman, until I saw this!  Storage and a table.  The Lego's have a new home.
 I searched high and low for a drop leaf table for puzzles and games.
 Finally found it on Joss and Main, table and two chairs for under $350 =).
 This side of the room will always bother me a bit; all of the computer cords and toys.  But having two smaller dens does have it's advantages.  The upstairs one stays spotless =).
 This is one of the pictures over the sectional.  Were they ever really that small?
This was in June of 2011 at Sandestin, FL.