Jake update

Jake is having lots of fun.  He finished his training early, and is now driving with a "coach".
He picked up a load in this underground place in Springfield, MO, headed to PA.

Doesn't show up well, but they're driving through a wind farm in PA.

In Maine; I guess the photos across the beautiful US will always have a rear view mirror in the photos=)

Heading into Portsmouth NH.
Lastly, for his first week, Route 1 in Easton, Maine, headed to Fort Worth, Texas with 43,000 pounds of frozen french fries.  And look mom!  No rear view mirror in the picture!  Notice, more wind mills on the mountains.

Still trying to catch up

We had our first egg from a French Copper Maran. We've waited on these  "chocolate" eggs since February.
Pearl was sold to a family from North Dakota, who just moved here.
See why my plants have rocks around them?
I got a much needed day to myself!  I went to Decatur for shopping and exploring a few historic sites.
Along with practically a whole new wardrobe due to weight loss, I scored two more blue ball canning jars at an antique shop.
While I had a day off, Emmi had the kids make butter, the shake in the jar method.
Then she made shortbread cookies, and let each child make their own.
I think I have canned the last of the green beans, tomatoes and cantaloupe are coming in now.  And there will be lots of black eyed peas to shell when they all dry up.
AJ got a banana pudding for his birthday "cake".
He is 14, and the last of our summer birthdays.
This was a night when EVERYTHING on the plate (and cup) was grown/ raised here on the farm!
Finally got the ice machine up and running.

So far behind

It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted.
Lot's of beans have been snapped and canned.
One of Emmi's goat milk customers made soap for her.
Tabby is still giving daily massages to Toby.
I've been making 3-5 lbs of butter a week.
My morning, before walk and shower look.
We have 2 pillowcases full of okra in the freezer.
Ten little piggies are growing, boys were castrated this week.
We came home from errands last week to find a new calf.  
His name is Chuck, and he belongs to Nellie Olsen.
Jake -who does not like cake- requested Key lime pie for his birthday.
What?  Your homemade pies don't look like this?  Mine either.
Thank you Publix, and Happy 24th Birthday Jake!!

Jake's new job.

After 7 years in Pensacola, Jake is moving on.  Remember he was hired by a trucking company a few weeks ago, only to be told that their insurance would not cover anyone under age 25?

He has now been hired by Prime; North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company.  He is looking forward to training in Missouri, beginning July 24th.

And here's a picture of Kristen and her friend Jordan, that was taken at the Chinese restaurant last week end.  Kristen works at a car dealership in Birmingham.  

Our weekend

Ten little piggies were born Saturday morning!
Martha, the moma is doing a great job (we sure don't have a clue).
Can you see the spiderweb?
They were all over the fence on my walk one morning, with just enough dew on them to make them noticeable.  God's beautiful handiwork!
We now have over 100 quarts of bean canned!!!!! 
Goal met, now we can sell or give away some of the beans we will continue to pick.
Jake was home for a few days, and Kristen was able to meet us at a Chinese restaurant for lunch.
Row and rows of delicious food. 
 Jake found this place (in Decatur)
when searching for Sushi on a previous trip home.
Lots of variety!

Our meal was followed by a trip to WM for more canning jars.
And a WM brand "Yeti" cup; for half the price.  We tested them with the same number of ice cubes (thanks Emmi).  After most of the day atop the fridge, the Yeti won, but the WM brand did extremely well for the price difference.
Then it was back to butter and canning again on Monday.

Lots of canning and random stuff

This week the garden has produced 4 gallons of pickles.  My dill has not bloomed, though, so these are the easy refrigerator method pickles.
Waid made a power plant this week, including movable turbines.
The family bought me an 8' picnic table for my birthday.
We had another one of our hams this week.
Avery turned 12.
I canned 21 jars of applesauce, thanks to our generous neighbors who gave us apples!
Emmi made Avery's birthday cake.  She put "62" on it with sprinkles, for our combined ages---we share a birthday.

This is our best garden ever, and I am so thankful!  
Canning does get tiring, but it's worth it.

21 quarts of green beans were canned today, and I'm shooting for 21 more tomorrow.  It takes two quarts per meal to feed us.  So far (after tomorrow) I have canned enough beans to feed us over 30 meals!!!
Emmi made arrangements to have sweet potato pie made, and delivered on Avery's birthday.  Avery loves sweet potatoes.  Emmi was so thoughtful to come up with the idea, enlist a friend of ours, and keep it a secret for months----which is amazing for Emmi.
The kids are super excited that we should have watermelons next week, and 100 baby chicks should begin to hatch.