So far behind

It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted.
Lot's of beans have been snapped and canned.
One of Emmi's goat milk customers made soap for her.
Tabby is still giving daily massages to Toby.
I've been making 3-5 lbs of butter a week.
My morning, before walk and shower look.
We have 2 pillowcases full of okra in the freezer.
Ten little piggies are growing, boys were castrated this week.
We came home from errands last week to find a new calf.  
His name is Chuck, and he belongs to Nellie Olsen.
Jake -who does not like cake- requested Key lime pie for his birthday.
What?  Your homemade pies don't look like this?  Mine either.
Thank you Publix, and Happy 24th Birthday Jake!!

1 comment:

  1. Key lime is my very, very favorite. May I suggest Cheesecake Factory keylime cheesecake also :)