Our weekend

Ten little piggies were born Saturday morning!
Martha, the moma is doing a great job (we sure don't have a clue).
Can you see the spiderweb?
They were all over the fence on my walk one morning, with just enough dew on them to make them noticeable.  God's beautiful handiwork!
We now have over 100 quarts of bean canned!!!!! 
Goal met, now we can sell or give away some of the beans we will continue to pick.
Jake was home for a few days, and Kristen was able to meet us at a Chinese restaurant for lunch.
Row and rows of delicious food. 
 Jake found this place (in Decatur)
when searching for Sushi on a previous trip home.
Lots of variety!

Our meal was followed by a trip to WM for more canning jars.
And a WM brand "Yeti" cup; for half the price.  We tested them with the same number of ice cubes (thanks Emmi).  After most of the day atop the fridge, the Yeti won, but the WM brand did extremely well for the price difference.
Then it was back to butter and canning again on Monday.

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