It's been a rough week here on the farm, for different reasons.
The unconditional love of a donkey always helps=)
I tried for 4 days to catch Toby on film "honking", to send to a friend's son.  After I finally got it, I could't get it to send, said it was file was too large.
David could do it, but he's been on night shift. 
Because of his vacations and other off days, it's been over 3 months since he worked a set of night shifts, so this was rough on all of us.
I've spent way too much time on the computer this week, but did the kids summer school work lined up,so we're good for a few months.
We finally turned the a/c on June 12th.  SO with it set on 79, I sat in the den under a blanket Monday evening---I told you about the body acclimating=)
I DID get the garage pressure washed though, looks great now!
Last year the pressure washer broke as I was finishing the house, and I never got to do the garage.
I have walked 3-4 miles every day this week, and gotten down to a 16 minute mile!  I am very excited to have dropped below another 10 lb increment on the scale.....I'm posting it here to keep myself accountable.
Nothing going on the rest of the week, just Thursday's trip to Bham for the orthodontist and Whole Foods. 
Praying all my bloggy friends have a great week!

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