DH was off W-F this week, and there's always so much to do when he's off.
I try to put much of my stuff on hold and be outside helping him when he's off work.

Here are part of the new gutters on the back of the main sheds.  We will be able to catch rainwater from 3,000 square foot of rooftop.

 AMRV (AL Mountains, Rivers and Waterways Resource Conservation and Development Council) previously had a federal government grant to help farmers with rain catchment systems.  When DH found out about it, the program was over, but they had 1 tank left.  They offered to sell it to us at a cut rate, and come install everything for a very low price.
 This tank will hold 1,550 gallons, and make a huge impact on our water bill.  Not only that, but we do not want to water the garden with city water because the chemicals in it kill the good bacteria in our organic fertilizers.

Emmi has been creative in the kitchen again.
Jake left Monday night for his vacation in DC.  He will soon move into our garage and start his new job at ***** Tours, one of the largest tour bus companies in the US.  The man that hired him was very glad to hear that Jake had already driven a bus in DC, because some of their drivers don't like to go there. *****As I am writing, Jake just texted me to say the company just called him.  They cannot hire him because he is under 25.*********

Avery has been at it again, and never disappoints with her creative artwork, although this one does look kind of cruel =0

We are so thankful that our garden is looking great this year!

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