We've been busy all week.  After all of the storm damage to the pool was repaired, the pump went out.  That required DH to drop everything and install a new one, because I had just put over $200 of chemicals in it---which would have been a total waste without a pump to circulate the water.  One day was spent in Bham at the orthodontist, Whole Foods, and other shopping.
Our baby goats haven grown mohawks, their daddy had one.
Moe's ball was moved to the "hallway" of the barn, when the old chicken house and ball room were torn down.....he still loves it.
He snuggles up to it to sleep, so funny.
We only had one pasture that was doing well enough to cut hay. 
We are officially in drought again.  These rainfall totals are from the power co. monitoring system on our farm:
2015 ....68.87 inches
2016 ....49.32 inches
2017 ....22.72 inches so far.
Here's DH with his "new" square baler.  Although we will still work with our neighbor, and do round bales when we have enough hay, it's nice to be self sufficient, have all the equipment, and not have to depend on someone else's help.  
It will be nice to have both types of bales.  When DH is working a lot in the winter, the kids and I can put out small bales (I have not learned how to drive the tractor).  They are also much more manageable for the little animals in the barn, a round bale takes up their whole hallway.  Most farmer's biggest complaint about square bales is the labor involved in loading and moving the hay.....we've got that covered.  I may not be able to drive the tractor, but I can drive the truck as boys hand bales to DH, who is on the trailer.

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  1. I love the square bales because they stack so nicely in the barn. Cute picture in the mirror! We hope to buy some hay growing land in the next few years and then some cows to eat the hay - but once JD is home to do more with them.